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KraZy Demo

Hello everybody is everyone getting ready to be stuffed... as a special feature to day I'm posting KraZy my second master on this song take a listen to my latest ZoNe it's KraZy On NoRjOe1

ALL I Know

Working on my latest ZoNe still WiP mode wanted to share_/~_/~Lots of blank spots in this song only because theirs more to come Two version Instrumental ... Vocals with out all the heavy Synthesizers

The ZoNe ~~~ Testing ~~~ Testing

my latest Zone is call Gliding Squares it is totally WIP so more to come. I've decided to post it in a incomplete state only because the best part are yet to be published .I want to take you on a journey ~~ that leads you in to a transformation which is what I call = The ZoNe.. I've been messing around with so many parameters that I've discovered time drifting, there are parts in this song where it sounds like it out of time... it's really no ... its really the synth loop on the effect that causes it to go off ...the drums are constant so the other variable is the timing between each peak of the effect on the synth sound the timing changes ... can I correct it yes ... but I'm not it's because of the Arp function: gate, velocity, length, the second guitar part is close but not perfect.... Vocals are not added yet so much more to come. Thanks for you're time NoRjOe 1

The ZoNe

Hello all I've been working on a few new things, I've been thinking of adding guitar to Tick Tock Talking which will be quite the ZoNe... On the other slab ~~ Do you FeeL ~~ is a deep synth with an awesome grand piano with lots of multi layered sound and this time I won't forget the guitar... Coming soon... I would like to thank you all for you're support it's totally Amazing my days seem to get brighter each moment. It's because of you...MuCh LoVe

TiCk ToCk Talking

I want to try something different so vocally at the last part of the song I sang two different verses at the same time well played back the original and recorded another track with different words half way through...the effect is CQQL...

TiCk ToCk Talking 2010 NoRjOe1

1. it's Tick Tock tick tock running it's through my vanes Tick tock I can't even and .....it's 2. it's tick tock time it's running through my vanes tick tock it's burning my brain tick tock it happens all the time tick tock it's on.........Tick Tock Tick tock talking


DaRkNeSS Or LiGhT is my new tune I've been working on... which has some very amazing sounds that I have created. It's been almost a month now...it's funny it only took a couple of minutes for the fist take, but sense then I have added 26 tracks and the end is near. Instruments used are ... Keys....M50 Korg, TR Korg, Electribe Korg Guitar ...Jackson I used Behringer V amp simulator amazing processor. Bass ... the Rick Keep an eye out for this tune it very CQQL I'll be posting it my be tomorrow will see Thanks NoRjOe 1

My thoughts

I've been working on a new group of music ))) TuRnInG PoInT. Each and everyday I just can't wait to turn something ON crank up the volume...)))) and Jam. I'm a one person gig doing my thing and enjoying every minute. You know the saying here for a good time not a long time well I hope for a long time. I usually post my first record sometime rough and other times it's what it is the moment In the zone. I have not been very active here on Reverb Nation... times have change I now have the means to create my music and not depended on anybody but my self so I guess I'm... in depended Musician looking for that one moment of expression. It's al way challenging to capture the moment to get the feel and create ThE ZoNe. When you're in it....it's sweet... ThAnKs FoR YoU'Re TiMe Swing By NoRjOe 1