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ConvOi! Tonight At Trophy's!

Holy hell folks! Tonight is already here! While yer making your plans for the night, consider saying "Screw the Rain!" and come on down to Trophy's on South Congress to see ConvOi!. We're on at 10 PM Tonight, and I promise you, that if we can get 20 people down there in this weather then I, Matthew, will personally milk a (male) Goat... on stage... TONIGHT! Yes you heard me right. Its a downhome austin version of a donkeyshow, and it aint nothing I never done before, just never in public. So come on down to Trophys and get you some. Also in addition to the Goat, The Original Mexican Bob will be headlining the show tonight, so its gonna be a great night folks! Join us, won't you? Thank you.

3 Fatal Doses of ConvOi! This Weekend!

Ladies and Gentlefolks, Boys and Not Boys, Children and Grownsups... All listen up!

ConvOi! has not one, not two, but three chances for you to catch them this weekend! And as we all know, 3... is the magic number.

THURSDAY NIGHT! Live Show at Trophy's on S Congress! 10 PM! (Austin, TX)

FRIDAY NIGHT!! Live Show at Jiggers on Babcock! 10 PM! (San Antonio, TX)

MONDAY NIGHT!!! ConvOi! live on KAOS Radio! 6 PM! (Austin, TX)


February, 11 2010 10:00 PM - Trophys on South Congress (Austin, TX) 2008 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX, Texas 78704 - ?

The indescribable and incomprehensible band ConvOi! is back in Austin once again, and is preparing to start an electrical fire at Trophy’s on South Congress! Or Several fires considering that its going to be ConvOi! opening for the one, the only, The Original Mexican Bob! Once hell of a show, and there will be one hell of a line at the johns. We’ll see you fine folks there, bring yer own sawdust!


February, 12 2010 10:00 PM - Jiggers (San Antonio, TX) 1639 Babcock Rd., San Antonio, TX, Texas 78229 -

ConvOi! is godamn happy to once again be at Jiggers in San Antonio, AAAAAAAAAAND just as proud to once again be playing with Bigwood! Be there, or... well... we didn’t want to have to do this but we’ll kill your goldfish if you’re not... so there...


February, 15 2010 06:00 PM - KAOS RADIO (Austin, TX) "Escape From The Grave" www.kaosradioaustin.org, Austin, TX, 787?? - FREE

Grave Digger’s B-Day Bash! Listen in, go to http://www.kaosradioaustin.org/ and hear ConvOi! at 6PM on Munday!

Lamarillo Is Right Next To Dabiline, Which Is Down The Road From Mel Paso...

Well we're nearing a close with our recording of "Amarillo By Morning", and even though this is kind of a repost, we thought you folks might like some O' the odditieswe've come across in our journey...The Judges seem to like the enthusiasm and gibbering, uncontrollablemadness that you see in the eyes of our first contestant... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT7SIs5yFiU

Our second entrant for the night is a real treat folks. Yes, Yes, Yes; We know he's playing the guitar, but all I can think is that he's wackin' it and THATs what's throwing his singing off... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0lZGhcF_00

Wow! I think we have a winner! The Hair, The Voice, The Flickering T.V.; There is no way anyone can beat her high scores... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL1KLftI_C4

HOLY SHIT FOLKS! A last minute upset! The crowd goes wild as ourmystery guest comes in from far left stage and sweeps the judges oftheir feets! Where-In-The-Fuck is Lammarilo?!? Who cares! Balding mannamed Scott Wins!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj6HK2KPNrE