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Makin' a New Record at SKR Studios!

Shazam, goddamn!

Lightnin’ finally pulled out of a dumb depression (that had its way with me for about 6 months), and we’re now making a new record at Ian Down‘s new SKR Studios. Lightnin’ had the pleasure of working with Ian on the DTLAMF EP when he was at Downtown Sound Studios, and much like Lightnin’, Ian just keeps getting better and better with mileage. The new record is making Lightnin’ feel better than ever, and I can’t wait to share the new shit with all y’all!

Lightnin’ is blogging from the studio while Whiskey Will Lefevre is laying down his bass parts. Look out for more detailed blogging in the near future, but for now I can tell you that we have tracked 10 songs with John Lord on drums and 7 songs with Bill Bateman on drums. Other secret special guests have been tapped for the upcoming sessions, all of whom will be revealed very soon. In the meantime, Lightnin’ has to join Ian with micromanaging Whiskey’s performances, so I’ma cut this short for now.

For once, Lightnin’ is trying to do the right thing by not gigging whilst we make a record. We might play a gig or two in November if the tracking is done by then. I’m gonna get a solo gig in at Madison Tattoo’s Halloween Party this weekend! Otherwise, no gigs to report, and it feels good to take a break. Lightnin’ thinks it’s time y’all see a lot less of me on stages in LA, I done been giving it up all over town for a while now…

EP Release Party Friday in DTLA

Shazam, goddamn! Have you heard the news? Lightnin’ and the Bad MFs have a brand new EP coming out! We’re gonna be celebrating its release at the Down N Out in DTLA this Friday; the party is FREE and also will feature performances by Sweet Justice, Barrio Tiger and Backseat Bingo. If that’s not enough, Lil Donkey has declared this Friday to be Ladies Night at DNO, an idea whose time has definitely come.

D.T.L.A.M.F. was recorded at Downtown Sound Studios during August and September 2011 by Phil Raves and Ian Down; the cover art was painted by the illustrious Emmeric Konrad! It features four brand new songs, which will be available digitally this month (we plan to put it on vinyl in 2012). You can download “Fuck Your Job – Single Edit” for free here: http://lightninwoodcock.bandcamp.com/

We hope you can join us and help us make this a celebration to remember. We’re going to be filming to document this night for an upcoming project, since we all plan to get blackout drunk, and don’t expect to remember the party. Hell, we encourage you to document it yourself, bring a camera or recording device and get some! We’ll be performing the EP in its entirety, plus some other fun material never before performed by Lightnin’ Woodcock & the Bad Muthafuckers! You’re going downtown, bitch…. see you this Friday.

Wed in DTLA!

Shazam, goddamn. Lightnin’ is looking forward to getting back to the Redwood Bar this Wednesday with Reverend Deadeye and Jason & the Punknecks! We’re popping the cherry on this one, so get down there early, goddammit.

We had a fun night at the Shakedown Bar in San Diego! We’re looking to get back down there as soon as we can. Jason and Polly Punkneck dropped in on their night off… Can’t wait to share the stage with them on Wednesday!

Lightnin’ just confirmed Friday, May 20 at the Blue Cafe in Long Beach!

This week, Lightnin’ got out to see a few bands, all of whom are worth mentioning: A Pretty Mess, Warhorse, Simon Stokes, Million Kids, Los Straightjackets and HDR. Unfortunately there were a whole mess of gigs that Lightnin’ wanted to catch, but had to miss for one reason or another. Lightnin’ picked up a copy of Sparkplug Magazine #2 at their Down & Out gig, which features an interview with Lightnin’ by Sylvia Juncosa! You can order your copy here: http://www.sparkplugmagazine.com/magazine/

Also, Lightnin’ wants to congratulate my former bandmates Morgan Slade and Liz McGrath (of Miss Derringer) on the birth of their daughter Sadie Valentine Slade!

Let's Get It On!

Shazam, goddamn! This is an exciting and action-packed week for Lightnin' and the Bad Muthafuckers. Before I get into our schedule, Lightnin' would like to thank Garry Ventura for bringing us in for a surprise gig at Bordello this past Friday. We had a blast sharing the stage with Firebug, Matt Browning and Broken Numbers on a rainy night in DTLA.

Monday night we're back at Cheetahs Hollywood for the second time this month. Bikini dancers go very well with dirty blues songs about cunnilingus, anal sex and the contraction of STDs. Say "Lightnin' Woodcock" at the goddamn door and get $5 off the outrageous $10 cover! Tuesday we'll be back at Bordello with the badass Sassafras and a rare LA gig by the amazing Fartbarf! Bordello is a very sexy place; Lightnin' suggests bringing somebody you'd want to impress and fuck. Wednesday we have activity pending on KXLU and Friday we are very excited to play at The Date Shed in Indio with Pedestrians vs. War Party and Odyssey 9! It's our first time playing the devil's music in the desert, so it's gonna be a cherry popper!

Lightnin' loves you all, gawdemit. Hope to see you at a performance!

CD Release Party + Tour, other recent events

Shazam, goddamn! Have ya heard the news? Lightnin' Woodcock has got the blues! Gonna tell ya all about it, both here online and in a dingy dive bar near you... Don't miss Lightnin' Woodcock & the Bad Muthafuckers when we play in your area! Breaking News: Lightnin' is thrilled to announce that my debut CD "Ride The Lightnin' " is coming out this month! The CD release party is coming up February 18 at the Redwood Bar in downtown LA, where we'll be opening for touring artists Scott H. Biram and Ralph White (Bad Livers - hell yeah!). The following night we'll be heading up to Bakersfield to join Joe Buck at B Ryders to continue celebrating the release! Meanwhile, Lightnin' and the Bad Muthafuckers are currently in the studio recording brand new material. These songs are going over great in the bars, and we're popping boners in excitement over the new recordings. On the Horizon: Lightnin' is starting to book tour dates to promote the new CD! We'll be heading out for a couple of weeks in the spring across the south and part of the midwest. You know what that means: we'll be fisting, chomping and gangbanging as much box as we can across this great nation, high as hell on drugs and alcohol donated by y'all, our friends and fans. Tour dates will be announced here first, so check back, goddammit. West coast, be patient, we'll visit y'all real soon. 20/20 Hindsight: So far this year we've been gigging around LA mostly... We started and ended the month of January at the Redwood with 2 great gigs and had a great time participating in a 10 band extravaganza at The Boulevard in Boyle Heights. We also shared the stage with Los Duggans and Los Creepers at Spike's Bar in Rosemead for one of the Duggans' final gigs. Lightnin' was stoked to learn the women in Rosemead are slutty and work in pairs; 2 girls giving head are way better than one... We also had a helluva rehearsal at Harper's Bar in Tarzana. Thanks to Mr. Rob Harper for putting us up (and putting up with us!). We also just returned from Fresno, where we played at Starline for the first time with Cousin Fister. After the gig, Lightnin' and Lil Donkey went over to Audie's Olympic for last call while the rhythm section earned their Fresno pork-wings with a couple of local piggies. Audie got Lightnin' pretty fucked up on absinthe, and I thank you for that, sir. You're a good man, and we look forward to playing Audie's again in the near future! Most recently, Lightnin' & the BMFs had a triumphant performance at Cheetahs Hollywood... Boners were popped, panties were moistened and plenty of dollars landed on the stage. Those bikini dancers were talented and inspiring, not to mention distracting, and Lightnin' can't wait to get back in there. Matter of fact, we'd like to move in.

www.lightninwoodcock.com is alive, goddammit.

Many thanks to Ryan Wilson for making the site happen, and thank you to Willy Phillips for your help as well! Coming soon to www.lightninwoodcock.com: Ask Lightnin', a salacious sex-advice column. You know you want some.