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It's ON

First and foremost thank you to everyone who listens to my music! I took some time off to get my life where I wanted it and I'm glad to say I'm in a position to put out music on a more frequent basis. I have a lot of things planned for this up coming year and I'm very excited to distribute my sound to the world. It's ON!!


Being a fan of music, before being a creator of it, has me constantly listening to different artist and all kinds of music. Yet whenever I listen to rap music now, I'm constantly comparing myself to the artist I'm listening to. Two of my favorite artist are Kendrick Lamar and Los (now King Los). Kendrick has the ability to transform his message into something that people will always want to hear. Which as an artist, is something I know takes a lot of talent. Whereas Los has the skill to be the BEST rapper in the game, but can't get his music pushed, for some reason (Diddy). But the main thing I love about these two artist, is whenever I hear them, I get inspired. Some of my best ideas come after I listen to them. I don't steal any of there ideas or rhymes, I just feel the need to compete with them. I know that at this point in my "career" that I don't compete with them at all, but that makes me hungrier to compete! To other artist, find your competition, then surpass them. To my fans, know that I'm working hard to become better, but my competition are leagues ahead of me. For now.

Texas Lee

Why I rap

In all honesty, I make good money. Not enough to be extravagant, but enough to keep me fed and warm. I have a great job that many make a career out of, and I have tons of educational oppurtunities coming my way. So, why do I rap?? In the words of Mayday, "I feel that good pressure"! I love the feeling I get when I'm figure out the perfect rhyme to a complete a song. That feeling of hearing your song "finished", and going back to work on it some more. Until it comes out perfect. Until you hear it after you've already uploaded it! Then you start coming up with ways to improve, doing more, becoming better! Those feelings tied into each other, create the perfect potion of making music that I will never be able to stop drinking. Besides all of that, I feel like I actually am good! I hear great things from the people that hear my music, and nothing is as addicting as praise! So would I not rap!?


Thank you for downloading this app! Hopefully you enjoy all the music I bring to you, and I will be continuously releasing music! Without your support, there's no way i would make it, so thank you again!!

Texas Lee