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Vibrations on the fringe

Occupy the city ? Occupy the space ? We're in the lucky country Yet search for better place Capitalism is like magic a sleight of hand few can make it to the top while the rest just crawl like mindless drones Yet leave the complaints and disappointments to the prisoners of this convict land Are you a lefty or a righty.. who cares when you're drifting through Utopia...intoxicated on a Marxist dream... We are not the chosen ones we are no ones...living out our virtual reality vaccuum visions...Ready to embrace united crowds.... Some of us are programmed with scatopsychological precision Flash mob is all the rage Like a catchy headline, you can turn the page... All we need is a leader so we can break through the waves of lust, ignorance, greed, selfishness, delusion and tepid sea of mediocrity... Insert Ad break here... to break the pace.... its getting late now..but dear reader you can carry on.. No prophets or false hope Enough of the lies We can't tell the future SO KEEP YOUR EYES TO THE SKY