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Studio Sessions/Projected Summer EP Release (June 2015)!

Spring cleaning and a summer cleansing! Over the next few weeks, it's back in the studio with good friend, fellow musician and sound wizard Armando Marcos Cepeda. We will be powering up and cutting tracks for the Kinetic EP. Then, it's off to the mixing and mastering process. Cover art and packaging will feature unique design and art by a local artist who has carved out a deserved recognition for his work. More to be announced. The Kinetic EP will be available for release in the next coming months. Official release is scripted for June 2015. However, it may be available for "soft" release prior to that. So, stay tuned and keep your ears perked! We will also be back on the showcasing kick come June as well. Show dates, new tracks, videos and other creative plans will be made public in the coming weeks as well. It's time for some serious festival-going, show-busting, and song-cranking! F@#k sh@t up!! Yeah, you know what I meant. ;D In the meantime, enjoy the spring weather, keep the creative energy flowing, and own it! Cheers and see you soon! -Mike

Music Detox and Reinvention

There are times in our lives where the mind gets in the way of productivity and creativity. So, the best medicine for this is to take a step back, collect, and reinvent one's self. Starting to deliberate and get back in the saddle. Stay tuned and keep the ears perked.

Summer 2013

Effective Immediately:

1. Summer in full-swing. 2. More recording and completion of a few releases to be released some time around July. 3. We are in search of places to play for latter July and onward. If there are any bands who would like to book some shows together or anyone who would like us to play at your house party or special engagements, please let us know and we will step to your dance. 4. Please plug us on the web. We would like to make some new friends and make some more positive connections. Just need some good feedback and inspiration.

Hope that all is healthy, wonderful, and creative with everyone out there.

Best, Kinetic and the gang

2012!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

This year, I am putting an end to resolutions!!! Resolutions are like saying "I'll get to it later." So, this is what I'm going to do. I'm not going to tell you what is going to happen in the coming months. I can tell you that the less I talk about it and the more I do will, in turn, create a better, healthier state of mind for creative, productive energy. In the long run, I get to do what I love and you can have anything you want from me. I've got some surprises on the rise and some tricks up my sleeves. Enjoy the new year, own it!!! Catch you out in the world playground.

Cheers, Mike

Progress: April/May 2011

Hey everyone! I have been under the radar for a long period of time. It was imperative for me to undergo some life evaluation and some artistic redirection.

As of late, I have been experimenting with different players, mingling with new ideas and approaches, and getting in touch with the muse. Many hours have been spent with professional musician/performer, Lynn Willard. He has been doing much to shape me into a better player. I look forward to writing new material as I unlock doors within the mind and it's creative capacities.

This Friday, April 8th, I will be performing a show at E Street Cafe in Encinitas, CA. It will act as kind of a test run for new material and the new drummer/old dear friend, Jesse Charnow. He is an extremely talented friend and we have a long-standing musical history. Hopefully it will bring some amazing energy to the stages. We will also play the show with the delightful Ashley Foster and her skilled guitarist, Matthew Wells. Please come down and support us as we put on the show this Friday. Show starts at 6pm. It's all ages and free, so bring the whole family ;).

I have been updating all of the gear in my home studio. This also explains why I have been laying low. Just getting things up to par so that I can put together some clean, strong tracks for everyone to listen to. Oh man... does my new microphone sound amazing!

Alright guys, hope that you understand the "MIA" status. Come and visit us at the show. We will have new shows coming up in April/May - Summer dates as well.

Thanks and Best, Mr. Mike Rudolph

Progress : February/March 2009

Hey guys. Just working on new music, getting it recorded and finding some players. Then, it's on the road with the new material. So, be patient and be prepared to see some shows scheduled in the next month or so.

Stay real and talk soon.