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Professor Paul 24-7 aka Terlingua Kid / Blog

Still Making History

"Professor" Paul is now close to having 30,000 song plays! Thanks for streaming his Bio-Edutainment Music!

Talking About Making History

Tonight March 11th, I am reaching 25,000 song plays! More interesting I am now in the top 150 National Reggae Artists on ReverbNation! For me, this is one major accomplishment! Thank you all for supporting and streaming my music on ReverbNation!

Bio-Edutainment & Science Education

Please visit my edutopia site to learn more about how I am using my own original music in the Science Classroom. Google my name and the first link that pops up is my edutopia site or visit my site at Virtual Science University.

"Professor" Paul O. Briones & Virtual Science University

For those Biology Teachers and Administrators who are coming to this site to listen to my Bio-Edutainment Music, please visit my business site www.virtualscienceuniversity.com Learn how VSU is helping Biology Students across the world! Catch the newsletter link here http://www.virtualscienceuniversity.com/news.aspx?id=a0bf21ff-3e89-43a1-b031-26d88c756e2b to visit Virtual Science University.

Remember To Also Visit My edutopia Website and Posts

Just wanted all to visit my edutopia site at https://www.edutopia.org/users/professor-paul-o-briones and my posts at http://www.edutopia.org/blog/five-powerful-questions-teachers-ask-students-rebecca-alber#comment-167206 From here, you will be able to see how I am using my ReverbNation Edutainment Music to make a difference with teachers and the actual classroom. Thank you for visiting my ReverbNation site!

Thank You

Thank you ReverbNation for all that you do to promote your ReverbNation Artists! :)


Interested in passing the STAAR EOC in Biology in Texas and the MARRS EOC in Biology in California just subscribe to my site Virtual Science University www.virtualscienceuniversity.com and go thru all 25 lectures. First, take the Pre-Test! If you make below a 70 on the Pre-Test, thenlisten to the lectures carefully and write down on a composition notebook all the info that is labeled in yellow, important information. Study the information you have taken down as notes. Then take time to learn the song with the lecture, "Lesson In The Lyric" example, "Who Is Brother Bones". After doing this take the post test. If you score above an 85 go to the next lecture and repeat the whole process all over again! Best of Luck!

"Professor" Paul's BioEdutainment Music On The Move!!!

"Professor" Paul is now getting support for his BioEdutainment Music locally in Texas but soon to expand to the California Markets! This week (January 13-17) his San Antonio Rank went up to Number One and jumped hundreds of points nationally and Globally! Thank you for supporting "Professor" Paul's BioEduTainment Music! Keep him at Number One until his Birthday on January 31st, by streaming his music on your computer, iphone, or iPad! To learn more, sign up for his ReverbNation Newsletter!

BRIONES MILC Back in The Classroom

"Professor" Paul O. Briones is now back in an active Biology Classroom! Get ready as he will be posting many of his daily lessons at www.flyingmidieagle1.com He will also be posting new Science Education music here on Reverbnation.com Please visit this website often for more details!

The Science Model That Works

This is the model that this country must follow! We have to follow this model if we are to regain our position in high school science education and high school education in general! We must stop the nonsensical Aptitude Testing which is discriminatory to Sub Group Populations! I am working day to day to make this happen in the United States. I get death ears from all the bureaucrats! So far it is nothing but rhetoric!!! To follow what I do visit my blogs at Virtual Science University www.virtualscienceuniversity.com To learn more about this, visit the Edutopia blog at this address: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/unprecedented-opportunity-for-educational-equity-judy-willis-md#comment-122566