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Summer Fun has begun

We are all geared up and getting ready for our festival tour. We are so excited to get to see each and everyone of you! We will be bringing new material as we prepare for our next cd!! See you real soon!

This Week in a nutshell!

Man what an amazing week!!! So much music! We cant wait to share our new stuff with you! Its been brilliant I was able to sit and listen to a few bands in session. There is so much talent in Michigan! Such a beautiful and special place!!!!!! We are so lucky to be apart of this amazing community! Wow ! Highlight listening in to Desmond Jones!!!!! Start the smiles and get out and listen to some amazing local music!!!!!! Big Announcement coming tomorrow!

Day 1 in the Studio

Man what a day we spent quite a few hours in the studio with Matt Ten Clay engineering! What a great time! The new material coming out on our upcoming album is going to rock your boots off and make us all forget about this terrible election! Remember we want all of you to be safe and remember uniting makes us stronger lets stop pointing fingers and bickering and make sure we put in some real work to make sure it still remains about and for the people!!! Love to you guys time to get to writing!!!!!

Idea! We need your best bird noise give us your best bird noise wether a hoot or whistle record it on your phone or computer and send it to info@musicfromthechange.com were gonna pick the best ones to add to the album!!!! Loving you all take care and stay aware!


So many different outlets for Musicians in the Mitten its amazing! So much talent from around the state. How blessed are we to live in such an original music community! So lucky to be rocking! See you a bit later at GR Live! We start rocking the new album this month! Cant wait to share some of the new stuff with you. Love you all THE CHANGE

Festival 2016

Man what an amazing summer tour 43 shows including 19 festivals what an amazing summer season now were headed into fall tour season and we have some really cool shows lining up in the Midwest and beyond! We have gained a few new members and I gotta say the new stuff were working on is going to knock your socks off!

Share your Highlights with us if you saw us play this summer what were your favorite moments?

Thank you all so much for the support! So many amazing things coming up. The Change is going in the Studio the 11th of November to record our second album!


Good morning and happy Monday to all of you talented and beautiful individuals! Go out this week with an inspired and motivated heart and mind. Be there for those who need you! All too often we can't look past our own problems to see what problems our friends and family are facing. Be there for those who need us and look beyond actions of past to make sure you are not hindering them from personal growth in the future. Don't let preset expectations of a person because of their past predetermine your opinion of them at present. We love all of you and hope that you have a beautiful judgment free week!!!

This Week

Good morning to all of you beautiful people!! This week as you go out into your world do it knowing that there are things at work bigger than you and I! Be kind to others and do it without expectation of returned kindness. Be accepting! Be more aware of those folks around you that you care about! Some smile through pain so pay attention enough to know when someones looking for an ear or a shoulder. Be there for those you love! Most importantly love!!! We love you and we hope you have an amazing week!!!

Been active in the Studio lots of new tunes to share!

Been in the studio off and on over the last few months. Very excited to share some of my new tunes with you!!!

Gearing up for the Studio in April!!!

Man I am getting pumped. Started working a bit on a new tune this week feeling blessed. So many great friends and family helping to support me in this dream! Thank you all so much!

New app is ready!

Hey everyone my new mobile app is ready for Android and Iphone!