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The Mister Nervous website now updates daily with a daily picture post direct from Wes' art sketchbook. The video for Don't You Worry will be completed in March. New songs are coming soon as well.

The website

The Mister Nervous website has been updated - made friendlier to mobile devices - and the blogging has resumed over there. So while you won't see a lot going on the ReverbNation blog you can still enjoy the brilliance over at http://misternervous.com/

The DRAMA is complete

Those of you who've been paying attention to my ranting and whining throughout 2009 already know that my band and I have just completed our new album DRAMA. Sweet Relief! I think we captured some pretty awesome performances in a set of songs I'm proud to have written, and friends from other cool bands dropped by to sing and play on many of the tracks. We got singers and players from My Imginary Friends, The Monthlies, Silver Phial and The Sundowners on the record and it feels great to hear the band surrounded by so many friends. We'll be releasing the CD soon, probably early February, depending on how the manufacturing process goes.For those of you not in LA you'll be able to download it from Amazon or i-tunes soon, or buy a copy from CDBaby.

We've also put up an impressive collection of merch, see our website ( misternervous.com ) to hear some of the new tunes and oogle (or even buy) t-shirts, hoodies, clocks, stickers, posters, journals, mousepads, mugs, underwear, automobiles and McMansions sporting irresistible Mister Nervous graphic masterpieces.

I am incredibly relieved to have finished the record. It took longer than I expected, and I learned some stuff from the experience, and the next project will be even better for that. I'm already writing the next set (working title:Eat Sleep Rinse Repeat) and we'll start recording in the spring. I also hope to release an improved version of the first Mister Nervous album CURMUDGEON in the spring.

Mister Nervous will now return to the stage, those of you in or near Los Angeles will get more chances to see us playing shows in 2010. I look forward to meeting some of you in person for the first time, and seeing the rest of you again, my friends. I know I've been a hermit obsessing on the completion of this project but I plan to re-emerge now that it's done and a new decade has begun.

Those of you who have supported us and helped me personally get through these last few years (you know who you are) cannot possibly be thanked enough.I suspect some of you have found me a bit... er... challenging to have as a friend and I just want to say that I'm grateful for all of you.

-WES D 1/1/10


**ITEM!** The long version of JUMPIN' OUT (clocking in at 5:01) is up over at myspace ( myspace.com/misternervousla )because I just couldn't part with the long tag yet. I know it should fade at 3:10 but I like the way it cranks up and then slowly falls back to pieces. Waaaaay back when Jimmy Page was one of the first producers to recognize that fans like to hear extended tags or snippits of background audio as a way of feeling closer to the band's process and getting a sense of the music being made by actual people. (Led Zeppelin III: bits of studio audio between tracks-talking,cymbals,stray riffs--- Led Zeppelin IV: Jimmy wipes off guitar strings before launching into Black Dog). Anyone wanna log in with (LOL) more recent examples? Of course now that everybody's online you can probably find out more than you may want to about your favorite players (I hear John Mayer Twitters constantly).

**ITEM!** I gotta 'nother new one I'll track as soon as I can get these doggone lyrics done. I'm recording solo again because the DRAMA CD sessions are still on hold while poor Kelly tries to find the time to reassemble his studio after moving to the eastside. He doesn't even have the time to make his hair all spikey these days. And speaking of LAs finest rhythm section, the 3rd member of the Mister Nervous gang, Scott, has been tearing it up with the redoubtable Lemon Sun lately. Those boys sure rocked Spaceland last week.

**ITEM!** Fine new CDs are out there from THE MONTHLIES. (Monthlies Assemble) and OLIN and the MOON (Terrible Town) and you'd be well advised to get 'em into your collection ASAP.

**ITEM!** Judging by the way their new stuff kicks live THE SUNDOWNERS new disc is gonna be an important addition to yer psychedelic collection. They did a killer two hour (!!!) set at the Buccaneer recently. Oh... and I am NOT saying this just because they are the only band with the TASTE and VISION to book ME. AHHHH-HA-hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

**ITEM!** But of course we've all been eclipsed by the brutal beauty of ragsy's vinyl masterwork BROKEN BRIDGE. I know, I know, I've said it before and I'll say it again to anyone who'll listen: RAGSY IS LAs BEST MOST IMPORTANT ROCK BAND. It's heart wrenching reality with none of the sharp edges sanded off and the kick of a mule on steroids. See em live if you want a near religious experience (tonight at CRANES or 5/2 at THE UNKNOWN THEATER)

**ITEM!** Sooooo: does this mean that Wes (that's me) is setting himself up as some sorta half-assed arbiter of taste/rock crit??? Well... YES (as if that's anything new...). But you should listen to me anyway. Because I'm right.


WES D guitar & vox


Staggering around As if hit by a brick Eyes Aching Like two burning coals Joints in pain A fog on the brain Lungs rattling Like an old rusty wagon

Not quite as tough As I said I would be When you left Back nearly two long years Bitter Smokes And bad jokes And all that howling at god Just serve to Delay salty tears

Your room is pristine Your Quan Yin still serene But you're never coming home again Are you?

LISTENING TO: RAGSY: Broken Bridge (best lp of 08??...*discuss*...), MOTT THE HOOPLE: Brain Capers , PROCOL HARUM: A Salty Dog, Home , KING CRIMSON: Larks Tongues in Aspic, Starless and Bible Black, LED ZEPPELIN: Physical Graffiti , QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE: Sons of Mercury , VELVET UNDERGROUND: Grey Album