Jeff Calder / Blog


The DC food show was amazing. I was at the "Washington Cooking & Entertaining Show" at the DC convention center over the weekend. Since I love to cook for friends, it was quite enlightening. Tyler Florence really focused on Thanksgiving dinner. I am definitely going to try his cornbread stuffing recipe. He also did a sweet potato dish with roasted bananas and crumble topping that sounds real good.

Giada was there too. She talked about her favorite foods at the show (HOT), and the crowd really loved her. Paula Dean drew the biggest crowd. People with butter stick hats, like the Green Bay Cheese heads, filled the stage area. Kind of funny. She did absolutely no cooking at all. She just BS'd with the audience and bragged about her sons.

It's funny how our celebrity chefs have gained rock star status. Anyway, Tyler is Da-Man!!