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I don't know the exact time that it happened. Sometime in the recent past I started seeing things different I reached a turning point in my life. I stopped looking at the glass as half empty and also as half full. I quit looking at the damn glass altogether. What's the point? Why bother? The glass will always be there if I choose to look. And if I do look who's to say that the cup ranneth over for a while and now its empty. Or was empty and now is full. If the cup is half empty or half full. At least it's got something in it!

My childhood changed my life forever. I learned to live, instead of talking about it. I lived it. To the fullest extent. Sometimes I feel as though I lived two lifetimes. Instead of one. Maybe that is why I feel so burned out these days. Ran in first gear for a while before I shifted. But, I have only a few regrets.

One regret is I stopped in mid stream in the raging river of life and sank like a rock for a while. It took a year or two for me to come up for air. Now I'm out there trying to figure out which side to swim to. Just treading water! I think it's important to know what side to be own. Ive seen a lot of friends of mine suffer though this without really knowing that this is what they are trying to do. Figure out which side to be own. Lately while I've been out here treading water I've come up with my own conclusions The middle is probably the best place to be. At least you have the ability to see both sides. That would bring you back to that glass thing. At least it's in the middle. Then again that would then depend on how long you can tread water.

It's funny how life changes you through the years. The trick I believe is not to fight the change just accept it. I still fight it most times. But, it's a bad habit. I'm trying to quit. Fighting, treading and pondering over a glass. All bad habits.

The only reason I'm writing this is that someday "someone" may find it and learn the truths in life. I know that there are more than a few truths in life. I think that it's simplicity that leads you to them. And its it's as simple as that. You have to give up the lie that life is complicated. It is only as complicated as you make it. And we can make it damn complicated. I know I can! I once heard an old proverb or something. Old Chinese Philosopher (how about that)! Even the greatest of journeys begins with a single step. It's funny that he didn't part with the most important part of the journey. It would have saved me some time. It's the part about falling. We have to get up. This is where our lessons are learned. In the getting up phase in our journey through life. If we know what makes us fall then we don't trip on that complication any more. And believe me 9 out of 10 times we trip ourselves up. We complicate our journey with lies and deceit we set traps for ourselves.

Ya cheat ya lose. and nobody wants to play anymore. These are the complications we make for ourselves lying, cheating, stealing. We walk though this journey in life blind folded and when we sink in that raging river of life we wonder how the hell we got there. We tried to find the easy way is not the simple way. We use a stacked deck of cards and we try to cheat the dealer. You can't cheat him. Believe me thats the wrong attitude altogether. Been there done that! That ends in a bad way.

So what have we learned today . The glass is gone, Keep treading water, Look at both sides, Easy is not simple, Simplicity will lead you to the truth, learn from your mistakes and Don't cheat the Dealer you'll cheat yourself.

Theresa Huffman Carson
Theresa Huffman Carson  (over 3 years ago)

AMEN BROTHER.......NO GLASSES in this house;just solo cups....(THROW AWAY):):):)