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New album is out !

Our newest, full length album, Boogie Street, hit the streets Jan. 23, 2013. Packed full of Moss Agate style Blues, Boogie, and Rock & Roll!! Find it on iTunes, Amazon,.....everywhere!

In Studio

Sorry we haven't been playing out much, lately, still in the studio working on the new album. You're gonna love this one!!

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We want to thank everyone who has been voting for us, you ROCK!! Come see us live, and we'll return the favor!!

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Now Booking

The new band is stage ready, tight, and rearing to go!!

A New Genre Is Born!

Some fans on the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands have labeled our Genre as "Classic Blue Metallic" as we're a combination of Classic Rock, Blues, and Light Metal. That works for me!

New Guitar Player!

It's official, Moss Agate has a new guitarist! Mr. Dan O'Malley will be replacing Joel Ellis, who moved on to do his own music. Dan, who is an incredible musician, also plays with his band Episode. We are starting to work on the new album immediately, and hope to have some shows coming up soon. The new sound is incredible, and the new album's gonna rock your socks off - in a bluesy sort of way!

New Album Release by Moss Agate

Moss Agate's new album, "Madman At The Wheel", is now available at most digital stores worldwide. Physical CDs are available at Amazon mp3. This album ROCKS! New videos posted on youTube at MossAgate1.