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It is certainly a struggle

to be an original musician in Cleveland. There are a half dozen clubs that make it all worthwhile.

I would love to fan you back but

If you"re a cover band. or your intro is longer than 30 seconds, or its gettin late, or you're number 1 in an island of misfit toys We probably won't fan you back

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or you can never submit again. We need your credit card number too.

Is the pain of saying goodbye, equal

and opposite the joy of saying hello? If you are doing it right, it should be.

We are traveling at the speed of sound

away from your ears and you never hear the music till your heading our way

StoneRoller is

opening for the Nouns Saturday at the Music Stage. No cover .4916 Pearl Road. Cleveland. probably around 8:30-9:00

Recording is fun when you got a minute

We had hours and layed down backing tracks to 7 new songs. May have enough for a full length CD (whatever that is) Cheers mates. Electric, original, with real instruments that we play with hearts and fingers. Does it get any better?

a great mystery was turned

into a conundrum with analysis and later became a paradox upon further review.

one thin thread of fantasy

runs throughout this land. the story is a pre-apocalyptic election story which points to Eden or Magog.

It's too late for me

Leave here... save yourself. Go make some real music