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Hip Hop Artist Have Found A Way To Become Millionaires Without A Record Deal

Hip hop artist have found a new way to become millionaires without a record deal. With the popularity of social media this has become inevitable as more and people join social media websites to keep in touch with their favorite hip hop entertainer to check for new music, new youtube videos, show times and dates, pictures as well as status updates. There was a time in hip hop history when you were only making money if you were selling records and touring but the power of the internet has changed all that.

Youtube has become the “go to” website for overnight celebrity as more and more artist flock to youtube by shooting and directing their own videos, they are creating a fanbase that a lot of more established artist wish they had. Soulja Boy, Chief Keef, and Ice JJ Fish are perfect examples of how social media can make independent artist a celebrity and in some cases rich beyond their wildest dreams. There are a lot more artist out there with internet stardom but these three are the ones that got the most exposure from their youtube fame.

There is currently a HOT NEW trend that these artist are using to make in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and it’s called “referral marketing” the artist and the people who are “friends” on the artist page is usually very successful because they are promoting on the artist page & making BIG MONEY doing so!!! And the artist themselves are making BIG MONEY and have NEVER sold a record. This opportunity is affording many people the BIG HOUSES, BIG CARS, and all of the designer clothes you can think of as well as financial stability. One Independent group particularly the “Get It Crew” made over $18,000 in one month by doing by posting ads all over facebook, twitter, myspace, and instagram!!!

Today’s artist are a lot more business savvy then most artist were back in the earlier days of hip hop and are turning every opportunity into money. These artist now have a platform to personally reach out to their fans bit they’re not just using social media to socialize, post pictures, videos, and update statuses….. They’re using social media to capitalize as well. As independent artist opportunities are not just thrown your way…. You have to go out and get it!!! Make yourself RICH, throw lavish parties, travel the world, and drive around in the most expensive can your money can afford. While others are struggling to make things happen you’re enjoying the “Instant Rewards” of financial stability.

I would suggest referral marketing to any independent artist because of the money to be made doing it!!! You start by completing a offer for a trial membership that you can cancel in 3 days, you will then be provided with a referral link of your own and you can start promoting on all your youtube videos, facebook statuses, and instagram pictures. Start using social media to capitalize of the traffic you get to make money!!!



Mob Affiliated "Trippin Off Life" (Chicago,Ill)

Interlude: The album starts off with track “Trippin off Life”, which is tight as fuck and kicks the album off perfectly. The production has a real heavy bass thumping sound with horns and piano keys blended in. Malik verses on this song are pretty much off the map as he easily outshines KMG on this song. Furthermore, Malik's combination of speed and crystal clear flow is comparable to Father Tyme and Twista. “Out In The Cold(featuring The Schema)” is up next and is on some vintage chi town shit right here. The production has slower pace than the previous song and features a “late night hustling and paper chasing” vibe. Overall the rhymes Malik, KMG, and Schema come off pretty clean, while Schema was also able to hold his own on the second verse. Nevertheless Malik takes the song over with a super fast verse at the end. “Paid N#@!*” features an old school sample on the production and quick tempo overall. The chorus on this song is what really sticks out to me because the hyped up chanting feels of it. On the whole this is a pretty solid song to bump. One of my favorites is up next. “Broken Game” is a heart pumping song with hard flows and verses. Everything about it is perfect and makes it one those tracks make you press repeat a lot. Of course Mob Affiliated rips this classic shit. “N#$%* Go Hate” astonishingly uses a sample from Tru's Swamp Nigga song. This matches well with the vibe of the song and content concerning how muthfuckas gone hate no matter what you do. Not a song I find mind blowing or anything like that but it's a pretty unyielding song. “2 Young 2 Die” is the song they are most known for in the underground rap scene. This is a classic track with very tight verses and a beat that bumps out of the frame. The chorus by KMG rides the beat flawlessly. I love this damn song. It's some vintage Midwest shit for sure. Damn another vicious track is up next. “Ride Off Me” is a song starts off slow beat wise however quickly expands into very hard hitting production. Malik verse really makes the song take off due to the way he flows over the beat. By the time the song is over you'll wish it was longer. Now this is how you fucking end an ep with the last track “Double N. Assassins(D.N.A.)”. This shit doesn't even feature Mob Affiliated on it but is easily the best song on the damn ep. Double N Assassins performs on this shit and they flow fast as fucckkkkkk. Like super fast so fast that they cover about six verses in less than three minutes. It's insane and the beat is on some Traxster like adrenaline rushing and methodical type of shit. It's truly a mind blowing experience to behold.

Outro: The Production on this album by Malik of Mob Affiliated was pretty much on point and very diverse in the different vibes he created. Furthermore, harmonizing perfectly with the verses on each song performed the group. Mob Affiliated meshes very well as a group with their own individual flows and accomplished a lot in delivering a very cohesive effort. Malik later went on release Earchild Productions compilation and changed his name to Martixx while speeding up his delivery considerable amount. As for this album goes it's pretty hard to find considering it was only released back in 1999. It's a definite must have for the collection. Rated: 4 1/2 out of 5