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Los Aticos Update

While Los Aticos is on hiatus we are still thinking about everyone who gave their support, and hoping that the road is rising to meet you.

As Hard As You Can

We can only influence an outcome. How we approach our challenges is a goal we can control.

Same Song

There are certain things we all go through. Everyone's burden is the heaviest. We all gonna sing the same song. We all gonna chuck the same chuck! One Love-J

Los Aticos Band family

The Los Aticos Band family is growing! We have added a second guitar and vocals. With new songs and new covers like Come On Home by Joe Higgs, Los Aticos is moving forward into the future of California reggae.

2 Things You Should Learn From Weird Al

Weird Al is a master at identifying new tools and using things that work. His latest album launch proves that he is not only getting better at harnessing these tools and music power, but he may be the best at it. As the industry changes we scramble to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. The people who had a grasp of the old ways are trying to put the collective minds of their students and piers to figure out the new age. The new music business model. Here are some basics that I preach and that Weird Al has proven. 1. You need a video for every song. Videos are uploaded to your choice of host and shared with a link. That link is the easiest way for someone to discover your music and get a sense of what you are doing. 2.Momentum You must try to build and keep awareness of your project building momentum and developing that run away train called critical mass.

New Music

New music is slowly coming out of the Los Aticos camp. Live tracks and studio stuff appearing on the www.reverbnation.com/losatiocos and www.youtube.com/jl86d. If you like reggae and blues you might want to check it out.

May 13 Update

Los Aticos songs may have a chance to finish vocals before summer now that the Kellysk8er project has been put on permanent hiatus. We welcome some new musicians to the circle as well. Dan the beat man and Aaron Green Thumb have joined up with JimmyL. JC Cunningham and Maximus have also signed up to collaborate and perform in various combinations. We are now booking shows in the Southern California areas. May 17 we will be at the annual Vegan Beer Festival in Hollywood. Look for us soon after in downtown Huntington Beach trying out our new brand of reggae and americana. Thanks!

Keep chugging' along

With four different projects under way, and so many people involved, the schedules can make it hard to keep on track. Set your goals, then charge ahead, remembering to restate or make new ones as you accomplish your tasks.

Prepping to Launch

We are putting the final arrangements on some new songs. Fleshing out new ideas, and getting ready to record a new album with Los Aticos style of beachside skanks and fireside jams.