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Recorded 'Live'

All songs to date on this page are either from live performances or 'live in the studio'. The drums and rhythm guitar were recorded as 'live' tracks. Bass guitar, vocals and all lead guitar were added later. the lead guitar was all done in a couple of 'takes'. No cut and paste. Hit record and let fly. Pretty much the same for the vocals. Bass was a little more difficult because I am not a bass player. The original music was recorded on an A-dat machine. We only used one mic on the drums for a 'live' feel. Could have placed it in a better position. Live and learn.

Don't Need All That Dancing.

Listening to music, for me, is like reading a good book. If I can listen to the music without a video interpretation, I am more inclined to like the song. I prefer to see a video of a band playing in concert, rather than a movie of a song. Don't get me wrong, there have been some great music videos, but, if I can't listen to the song without a visual well...