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The Darkling - Track list

Hi gang

Here is the tracklist on our upcoming album The Darkling

1.Four 2.Too many scars 3.Keepers of the lies 4.Affliction (ballad) 5.Avoid the winds 6.Misanthropy 7.a coversong... it is a suprice :) 8.Feelings Deletet (re-edited song from Inconsystency) 9. The Darkling (instruMETAL) 10. Reality: The end

53 minutes of METAL We recon the release date to be in august/september if everything goes well


New members - new album

We are proud to announce that suitable replacements have been found to fill the void left by Atli Jarl Martin. Yes, we actually needed two guys to do it!! On bass - Arnar M. Ellertsson (ex-Palmprint In Blood) On vocals - Haraldur Anton Skulason (formerly of Elexir, Dormah and Munnridur) Arnar and Haraldur will contribute their talent to Darkling, and the band is now firing on all cylinders in the rehearsal room to prepare for the next recording sessions in September. Stay tuned!

Member update and Studio report!

We are very happy to announce that the bands lineup has been completed with the return of Hörður "Hudson" Halldórsson as our second guitarist. Hörður was previously in Changer between the years 2001-2005 and one of the main songwriters on the 2004 album, Scenes.

Our first concert with the completed lineup will be on the 27. March where we have been invited to play at the 10 year anniversary concert for Dordingull.com, which has been the main websource for the Icelandic rock and metalscene.

We have just started recording "Darkling", a full length 10 song album that was written by Kristján in 2000/2001 but was never recorded due to lineup changes and the relocation of the band at that time. Kristján has laid down all drum tracks, scratch guitars and scratch vox for all 10 songs in only 2 days and I started the bass tracks today. The album will be recorded by our good friend and incredibly talented sound engineer Mr. Silli Geirdal from the Icelandic band Dimma (www.myspace.com/dimmarock). We don't have any date set for the release yet, but our plan is to have it ready before mid summer.

Stay tuned! CHANGER.

It's good to be alive!

Just wanted to check in here and tell everyone that Changer is back from the grave. We have been rehearsing since september, and things are indeed cool. Rob-D and Atli Jarl are fitting this band like gloves that have at last been found again. It's good to be alive. -K