Stemming the Tide

"Listen to me carefully. Only within this cosmic poetry is there hope. Because only poets, who have searched in their hearts, have been able to find the bond which connects what is and what is not. And perhaps they know things that the Gods, in the highest of all heavens, don't know." -Miguel Serrano (Lucifer and the White Gods)

DALROGAD got it's start early this year, 2014. DALROGAD in itself is a single entity. Though there are three now where there was only one. It is a beacon of ancient truth and a gateway back to our primal state. It is in a sense an audial Hyperborea. By conjuring sound we are able to create a weapon against our enemies and simultaneously cast a spell of courage over our own. Not to say simply enjoying the sound cannot be done. But, the ones who find this enjoyment and are drawn to this sound are the significant. Why else would one subject themselves to something that will forever lie within the unconscious?

Let us few forever be arm in arm. Let us raise a glass to one another and to the Gods. For we are all the chosen souls of The DALROGAD. The audial Hyperboria. The heartbeat of the Gods to be heard throughout our realm. The sound that is and is not. For when one Hails to a sound as if were a being. As some of you have done. It becomes much more and I thank you for this. I am glad to formally introduce DALROGAD to you. Thank you for taking the time to read these words.