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Hey there. Here's a brand new LIVE video for you. Crank up the volume and bang your head to the mighty and thunderous METALCALAMITY! This song will appear on the new album coming soon. For best result and streaming quality, watch this video in HD. Cheers & Merry X-mas to all . http://youtu.be/w4KcaS3nM3M

New sounds from The Hounds

Here's 51 seconds of new material for ya.. Found this forgotten "track" within a test-project folder on the studio computer. This is the opening sequense/track from the new album, "Breaking The Waves". It is probably the only piece of TMH music you'll get to hear before the release of the first single. Yes, there'll be a single soon. Regarding the 51 seconds of sound; non mastered early January 2014 mix with pre-prod bass guitar. Like it or dislike it but this one rocks bollocks \m/


Need your votes please.

Hello there, fans, friends and everyone else reading this, it's voting time!!

Help getting The Maudlin Hounds to play the Hard Rock Rising 2014 in Rome, Italy.

Here's how you do it: Open the Hard Rock Rising page, find The Roaring Season by The Maudlin Hounds, download it and your job is done. Well, not exactly, there's more. During the first round of public voting, we need to gain enough votes to secure our spot to perform live in the cafe. Each fan will be able to vote once per band using their Facebook account (one vote per band per Facebook account). Once a fan votes, they can triple their vote by visiting a participating Hard Rock Cafe and “checking in” as instructed at the cafe. All it takes is a visit to the cafe and a scan of a barcode. If The Maudlin Hounds is one of the top vote-getters, we will move on to the next level and be asked to perform LIVE at the Cafe.

We'll be extremly happy and utterly grateful for your help getting us over to Rome to play the Hard Rock Rising 2014.

Now, please - place your votes. Thank you :-) https://reverbnation.com/contests/2728/artist/386076

The Official TMH Home web site

New visitors, please visit "The Official TMH Home" at www.maudlinhounds.com ..Music, vids, pics, news, blogs and loads of band related stuff you won't find elsewhere.


We have the honour to introduce you for Kenneth Sørensen. Kenneth has played with Finn Ero, Vintage, Saints 'n' Sinners and many other great rock bands from the northern Norway. Can't wait to hit the road with this guy. Gonna be awesome....

Happy New Year...

Farewell 2012, hello 2013.. Happy New Year friends.. Let's make the most of it :)

THE MAUDLIN HOUNDS and the Facebook "LIKES" Contest

Hi. We're close to 500 LIKES on Facebook so we thought it would be fun running a wee contest for the remaining 75 likes missing, starting at 420. Here's what we do: Every 10th LIKE from now on gets a FREE DOWNLOAD of our NEW ALBUM, THE ROARING SEASON. #500 gets a FREE DOWNLOAD of our NEW ALBUM as well as a FREE DOWNLOAD of our first album, SOMERSAULTING from 2006. All you gotta do is clicking the LIKE button. And here's what you get: The album(s) of course, NO mp3's. CD quality downloads only (44.1 kHz, 16 bits wav audio) with iTUNES PDF booklet. You also get an extra FREE DOWNLAD to share with friends. That means you can download the album(s) twice. We keep track of new LIKES so if it happens you're the lucky one, you'll have what you clicked for. Have a great day and keep liking..

NEW photos, vids, music and more from THE MAUDLIN HOUNDS on RN.

Hello, artists, rockers, musiclovers and everybody else at RN.

Please visit THE MAUDLIN HOUNDS artist page on Reverb Nation for fresh updates........ http://www.reverbnation.com/themaudlinhounds

More music, brand new photos and vids has been added to our page today as well as a pro music STORE so if you have five or ten minutes, you are much welcome to check it out. Great sounding mp3s [320kbps] and in-your-face rock and roll from THE MAUDLIN HOUNDS.

Listen: The Roaring Season by TMH. http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/12282060

Thank you all for taking your time reading this.

Cheers and have a great day.

- TMH, Storsteinnes - Norway -

NEW album from The Maudlin Hounds, out now...

The Roaring Season by The Maudlin Hounds.

Melodic, hard hitting & in-your-face rock 'n' roll from one of Norway's finest acts of it's genre. If you're into Foo Fighters, Bob Mould, Against Me!, Manic Street Preachers and the heavy greats of the 70's, this NEW album by The Maudlin Hounds might be right up your alley.

Listen to teasers from the new album here: http://soundcloud.com/maudlinhounds/sets/the-roaring-season-by-the-1

Download the NEW album here: www.maudlinhounds.com/albumdownload.cfm

NOTE: Wav sound (44.1 kHz/16bits) PDF cover art.

Visit The Official TMH Home at www.maudlinhounds.com

Artist Of The Month

The Maudlin Hounds - July Artist Of The Month. Mixposure would like to congratulate the Maudlin Hounds for being our Mixposure July Artist of the Month. This band has some very catchy tunes with amazing hooks. Their music is fresh and in my personal opinion, some of the best music I have heard on the internet. Why do I think it is some of the best? Because I have always felt that a great tune leaves you wanting more and is memorable enough that you hear it in your head all day long. Do you remember the first time you heard Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, Photograph by Def Leppard, Drops of Jupiter by Train or anything by the Beatles? These songs simply had staying power. There was something in these songs that always stood out that made it memorable. The Maudlin Hounds write music much in the same way. There is something that sticks out in their music that makes you take notice. Congratulations you guys, you deserve it! Dazed http://www.mixposure.com/ranking.php?mode=blog&message_id=5774&row_template=news_page.tpl http://www.mixposure.com http://www.mixposure.com/The_Maudlin_Hounds