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Things today... Stand and Shout pt.2

Did you know that according to FBI and Justice department data you are 50 times more likely to be killed by a policeman than a terrorist in this country? This you will not see on the evening news. Because no one can make money on the idea that we should draw down our police force and relax our municipally imposed, unconstitutional tolls on the people. No body can get rich making peace in the Middle East because there will be no more bombs being purchased. Its all a ruse you see. None of what the Red and Blue tell us is true., sure bad people exist, but real people exist in much greater numbers. And the bad perpetrated by those pretending to be our protectors far out way any bad brought on by the very thing they claim to protect us from. In other words; we should just take Franklins advice; “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”… There is no freedom in security. But that’s all you hear now days, Security firms and big government contracts run amuck. Eisenhower and the ‘Military Industrial Complex” is here and it is real. There is no freedom in security; it is the prison we place ourselves in. Just think about that for a minute… and then Stand Up, don’t let them push you around no more, and Shout to be taken seriously and to be free! It’s all about what you value really. For me it’s about all of us. The days of letting some rich guy tell me who I should hate are over for me. I’m not standing down and holding my tongue to their deceit no more. I’m here to call it like I see it and I know what lies look like. I know what my eyes see and what my heart feels and I don’t need anyone in a suit with a profit motive telling me which way I should go. The only going I’m doing is going to the truth. No more blame. Its time to look them in the eye and demand the justice we all deserve. Life is good; life is damn good when you can live it free. Freedom doesn’t exist behind a wall. Freedom isn’t always bled and died for either. As much as anything it is believed and toiled for. The idea of what freedom truly is must exist in all of our hearts before we can all be free. Not one over another. There is no way to conquer our way to freedom. When just one of us remains in chains the soul of us all is kept bound and limited. Its time to break us all out, STAND AND SHOUT!

Things today... Stand And Shout pt.1

Have you watched the news lately? Terror, terror, terror; Red flags, false flags, red lines, blurred lines… warnings of immanent disaster here and pending danger there.. Throwing blame like baseballs back and forth. It’s all so absurd anymore, maybe it always has been and we just starting to notice. Look, the world aint all cotton candy and roses I know, but c’mon man. I’ve been around. I’ve been to my share of far away and different places. Been to many Muslim countries from Africa to Kuwait. I never met a hater there. In fact it was quite pleasant among “those People” who are reported to despise every last one of us. I have been to East Asia too; nothing but good folks wanting to live for the things that matter just like you and me. So what is happening out there? I’ll tell you what I see happening. I see people being people living under the thumb of greedy governments and powerful corporations. If the news was actually news and what they said was actually true then the world would have blown up years ago. Study after study suggests the world is as peaceful as it has ever been. Real people from their own communities report to those studies. Guess who owns the news … Guess who owns politicians… Think about it like this; when was the last time a politician ever fixed anything? If you got a problem they got an answer every time. But where’s the solution? So, what’s better than a problem to a politician? Well I’ll tell you; your money. That’s what it boils down to. They sell fear. And we buy it for loads of cold hard cash. Defense budgets, Tanks on the streets in Boston and Missouri, home security, guns. They sell it like their lives depend on it and they make us believe that ours depend on it too. Fact is; our lives do depend on it, but living on their security to set us free makes us kind of like the gold fish who thinks it’s a shark. Sooner or later we gonna get flushed…

You can't sing out of tune if you don't want to

You know, Ive never been one for formalities and structure. The common and the standard have always seemed, well, just like everything else...common and standard... thats never too much fun. and probably because you did it already... I feel the same rebel way about music... If one can't hit the right note or find the standard key, thats not the thing out of tune to my ear.. What I hear is the try. how much do you want to hit that note or bend those strings..how much does that song means to you. ... and the harder you try...the sweeter the sound no matter what key you play it in. its only out of tune if you don't believe it...

Life Long Friends

When you lose a life-long friend, you tend to only lose a part of them. After all a life long friend of yours will be your friend for the remainder of YOUR life. So it is with Donnie. His light has changed, that’s all, and the parts of him that I have always held close are still here. His humor, his perception, his love; I still carry all that around with me. So, every year about this time, I’m reminded that I can’t reach out and slap him for aggravating the shit out of me. And, I’m renewed with knowing that part of him made part of me. For you Donnie, my life long friend. P.S. the moment I mixed down the recording, I lost all the recorded files for his song. All that is left is the Mp3 I am sharing with you… Damn him anyway…

Hungry For More

For much of my life I have been a fortunate soul. I have been given a wonderful gift, the gift of time. Time to explore and experience many facets of humankind. The variety of people and places that I have encountered has opened my eyes to many different and amazing perspectives; ways of looking at things I could never have imagined before the experiences. I am forever being re-shaped by exposure and my involvement with genuine humanness. When it comes to real people, what at I believe more than anything is this; we are all fundamentally designed, both biologically and emotionally, to desire the same things, we just go about achieving them differently. So differently in fact, that we have been led to believe that it is the differences we see that keep us from a free life. We have been taught to mistrust what we don’t know and fear what we cannot know. In truth, those differences are the real wonderment of humanity and the more you know the more you grow. There are all kinds in this life, but only one way to be kind. To love someone you must know them. And, when we share the pain of it all, the love of it all, and respect all that is, then kindness removes the fear and blame. Change is life Part of change is realizing the greatness in our varieties in perspective, and also recognizing that our endlessly different methods of self-achievement has more to do with where we are than who we are. Behind the appearances we all want the same; the same love, the same chance to live, to express, to be free and we all want more of it. Recently I took a trip to a place I had never been before. I hiked through their jungle; I swam in their waters, marveled at their wonders. But, I also broke bread with their people; joined there customs; and I shared my own way as well. And, while I was there, the sentiment I just explained in this letter was reignited in me. I was awakened once more to the muse I had abandoned. Out of that re awakening came the inspiration to one of my newest songs, a song I would like to introduce to you now. I call it “Hungry For More.” It is the essence of all that I have just expressed. It is a culmination really of all my expressions of unity and acceptance. I’m much more comfortable explaining my emotions through song anyway. I hope you will take some time to reflect on what I have shared with you. I do it in hopes that one day you will share your heart with me too. I imagined life through another’s eyes and I saw a better tomorrow for us both. That which was once imaginary grew into fruition and soon mutual respect and a combined love of our differences began. Greater opportunity, awareness and wisdom ensued. Life is good. And to tell you the truth, I am Hungry for More!

The essence of a song

What makes a good song? Does it matter who, or if anyone even likes it? I ask myself that almost everyday. The answer i believe is, "blowing in the wind" (I could't help myself). I mean, how do you really know? Anyway, to be more concrete, I suppose it does matter what the fella tipping one back at the bar thinks when I'm strumming for tips, or the gal listening for the first time on my music page. I would like for them to continue to listen, but is that what its all about? It does have to be "good" to a degree i suppose. But, who decides good? Who defines the good? So its good if someone else thinks your song is good, right? If no one listens I guess it's technically still a song and good is just an opinion, or is it?. I'm sure it has to matter what the artist thinks of their own ... well, art. A great, but not so well known painter from Montana once said, "art doesn't have to be pretty, or liked, or even understood. For art to be art the artist has to call it art. Good or bad, thats got nothing to do with it" I guess that makes sense, sort of. As an artist I create my art because I can't not do it. The only way i feel comfortable expressing the things i believe is through music. The way I see the world is described in the events I sing about. The very truth behind the words I write is only my own and could only be the way that I see things. So, I guess for a song to be a song all i have to do is call it a song. For it to be art i will simply dub thee art. If i want to believe it in any way shape or form i can imagine then it will still be true. As far as i can tell anyway. The good and the bad of it. Well... I think I'll leave that up to you. BK


Friends, I am excited to report that my very close friend, Bryan Vandergrift and i are endeavoring to create some new tunes. Please stay tuned as we will be releasing some teasers and videos of the project. Cant wait to share!!


He gives just enough to keep her heart there cause hes down on her love. But she gives him everything shes got, and if its always well its always been for not. Seasons change. Rearrange. Then he moves on. Now she lies all alone, and she knows time not right but the baby has to come. So she gives him everything shes got. And she dont think so but shes got an awful lot. Seasons change. Rearrange. They move on. Now he stands, for everything thats right, and he wouldnt go there if its not his kind of fight. So she tells him to give everything hes got. And she knows he will cause its all that hes been taught. Seasons change. Rearrange. He moves on. With a left left, left right left, c'mon left, He marches on. Now she trembles as they walk to her door, and she dont hear those words as her knees hit the floor. Oh she gave them everything shes got. now shes got nothing left to get the hurt to stop. Seasons change. Rearrange. She moves on.