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For a friend...

In My Dreams is a song I have been consumed with for about a month now, trying to get the words to say what I wanted. It is a song about missing someone we love, from whom we are separated, by distance, time, or even death. This past Thursday, July 2nd, I came home from an open mic where I had met some friends, and stayed up until 3am in the morning, deterrnined to finish this song. I went to bed happy that it was finally done. The next day, while reading the newsfeed on facebook, I discovered that a young man named Brad Cooper, age 22, had been killed in an automobile accident at 2am, an hour before I had finished this song. I was totally shocked. Brad was a sweet, intelligent, kind, ambitious, visionary. He was co-founder of a local internet radio station, Kinetic Hi-Fi, and was one of the biggest assets to our local music community, doing everything he could to help musicians get exposure, and bring great music to listeners far and wide. I had spoken to him once about how I would like to do a mini-documentary about the radio station, and how he got started, but I never quite got around to it. Originally, my father was the inspiration for this song, but I intended it to be for those whose loved ones had been deployed, those whose friends had moved far away, those who had lost a loved one, even a child. When I heard about Brad, I knew that I had to dedicate this song to his memory. It's not the best, and the recording is far from professional, but it can be replaced later. The sad part is, Brad can never be replaced. Brad, to you and everyone who is not here with us, you are loved, and you are missed. Peace Be With You.

Spring is in the air!

Well, how many of you are out there working inside? It's so beautiful outside this time of year, I hope you take some time to get outside and enjoy it. And to all those allergy sufferers such as myself, try to see past the pollen! :) I hope everyone has a wonderful week this week. Keep writing/listening to your favorite music! Peace!

New ponderings

Ok, so do you ever sit around, daydreaming, imagining movies in your head, and suddenly you start hearing sounds in your head that you know you just have to do something with? Please say yes. LOL. Well, this week I'm working on a composition inspired by Clint Eastwood, old westerns, and Quentin Tarantino movies. I'll be looking for a good name for it when I'm done. So stay tuned! And to all of you who have taken the time to listen to my songs and/or leave a comment or send a message, THANK YOU! It's so nice not only to hear words of encouragement, but even more so, I've discovered some amazingly talented musicians because of you! Peace everyone!

About Rainy Day Lullabye

Over 20 years ago, I sat at my grandmother's piano and started writing a song for my two beautiful children. It was a simple melody, a bit melancholy, but filled with love. It sat there in the back of my mind for many years, until the arrival of my grandchildren - specifically my daughter's twin sons. After spending a solid week taking care of them, so my daughter could have a vacation- and getting absolutely nothing accomplished, I realized how much I was in love all over again with these tiny little people so full of hope and promise. I finished this music for them, reflecting on sitting together on a rainy day, reveling in the sheer joy of simply being together and being totally wrapped up in one another. To Sarah, Michael, Liam, Mason, Jackson and Charlie - Thank you for being the most precious presence in my life!

Happy New Year

Well, 2014 is finally here, and we hope everyone is getting into high gear with their resolutions. Think positive and believe in yourself as you move into this coming month. We will be adding more songs as we finish them, and hope friends will offer suggestions on topics they'd like to see us write about. Remember to get out and listen to your local musicians whenever you get the chance. So often, we take these folks for granted, but imagine what our lives would be like without music!