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Danny Hayes-Trumpet- finally a tribute page with his music

re DANNY HAYES-zl Mon 11:34pm | There's a new page that has just been added to MySpace for trumpeter, Danny Hayes- magnificent musician and person. Some of his songs are there - amazing sound and music www.myspace.com/dannyhayest (there's a t at the end for trumpet)

Want to let his friends friends and fans know about this and invite you to add your thoughts, photos, stories, music of Danny there. His friend and fellow band-member in Greece, Nickos Kapilidis is building this page to honor Danny and share his awesome music.

here's the address- don't know why there's a "t" at the end of his name www.myspace.com/dannyhayest

You can write to me about this as well- I am trying to find John McNeil, and others who Nickos wants to contact about this.

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Laurie Frink at 8:15am March 17 john@mcneiljazz.com

Jon Albrink at 9:29pm March 17 What a wonderful player and sweet man. Gone too soon, and too long gone.

Jerome S Zacks MD at 10:53pm March 17 The tribute to Danny Hayes is quite remarkable...in some meaningful way it seems to bring back a great part of Danny.

Tim Ouimette at 11:09pm March 17 Hayes was a funny, dry, wise dude. He was so matter of fact but when he tucked that mouthpiece under the moustache---one of the best in the world! Thanks for being an inspiration Danny.

Devorah Segall at 12:20am March 18 Danny sounds amazing on the tracks posted on his MySpace page

www.myspace.com/dannyhayest (there's a t at the end for trumpet) 1st tune is "solar"- Danny exposed- wow- you gotta hear it. I have charts of his if people are intersted in playing his originals- let me know.

Please add your comments to his page. I will be helping Nickos with the layout- it needs work!

Chuck Zeuren at 1:36pm March 18 Tim...right on! Hayes was a true inspiration....and as Tim puts it..."funny, dry, wise dude"! Will never forget some of those road hangs....My sides still hurt from the laughs we had on some of those $2 gigs for which we drove a thousand miles!