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Fred Neil's singing technique?

OK don't leave your fans hanging. What is it, it has to be more than a "better technique" and "practice singing" daily, since I don't think Fred did that late in his life, although who would know if he did. What a tragedy that would be. Sort of like if the only people that heard Nat King Cole sing were his cats. So whatcha discover? If there's an easy way to resonate those looowwww notes you sure do have my interest. Hope all is well. Gerry

Glad you asked Gerry! For starters, Fred had unusually beautiful tonal quality and I suspect he also had an enormous lung capacity for which he could thank some ancestor. I was singing along with some of his songs in the car this week end at full volume, trying to emulate his style. Though I don't know this for certain, it seems to me that as far as his singing technique goes, I suspect that often Fred was already exhaling for a nano second or so before he started 'singing'. This caused him to already have his throat relaxed and open, and with that reservoir and power of his breath in motion, the words just kinda got on board and flowed out of him.

Could be true!