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"North Country Girl"

In honor of being the featured artist on TKO FM's Chill Out Monday show in La Costa Blanca, Spain today (had no clue we were going to be featured THAT much), here's a new chill tune on the uke. This one goes out to the Spaniards. Strength and honor.

"Better Days"

If you starting singing Citizen King when you read the title to this blog entry then you're a man after my own taste. If you're a chick, marry me.

Bunch of new songs have gone up since "Fall Down." All ironically. New one called "Better Days" was posted today. Another one in the pipeline for next week. Don't call us professionals. Professionals isn't the right word. Pimps. Call us pimps.

And yes, that's a little Buddy Holly lap percussion going on in Better Days. Shit's tiring, I don't know how drummers do it.

New Song

New song up called "Fall Down." And yeah we still suck at whistling.