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And things keep getting more and more interesting!

Dog Head has welcomed a new member to our family, Chris Lodge. He's a badass lead player! He will certainly add another level of brutality to our music. New songs and covers are already in the works including: Rammstein's "Du Hast" Ministry "Just One Fix" Megadeth's "Sweating Bullets" and the always fun Green Jello "Three Little Pigs"

So we will be planning some shows for the new year and look to see you in February 2012!

Shows, theatrics, and call to metalheads!

We're coming up on the biggest show we've done... Mosh Pit Mayhem Fest! We want to make it larger than life! We did not have the time or money to get all our theatrics in order for the Cask & Kilt show, so if you wanna see us do it bigger and better be at US 19 Dragway November 19th!

A new chapter...

As Martin and Gene continue writing new material, reworking old material, and recording... we welcome Jason "Azrael" Lodge as our potential new vocalist. J is reviewing our material and will be getting with us soon to see how things work out. Jason shares our passion for metal and has worked in other bands previously, including our old friends "Valhalla". This is exciting for us as it means finally moving forward with recording and potential gigs. It's time for the Dog Head resurrection!

Dog Head's News Jan 19, 2011

In 2009 Martin and Gene tried to start DOG HEAD back up, unfortunately things did not work out. Eric Gordon was brought back into the band as lead vocalist, but time constraints prevented us from moving forward. Eric dropped out and we still wish him nothing but the best. Gene's sister Shyanne was going to be recruited as singer, but again our personal lives took precedence over the band and it never happened. Now it's 2011, and we're gonna try again. Clint Mitchell has worked with us on a previous project and he has now been recruited as the new DOG HEAD front man. We have several new songs to be recorded and a handful of the old ones that we have revised to be better than ever. We plan to record a new CD, and if all goes well, play some shows before the year's end.

Help us fight the man...

Albany's music scene sucks and we are gonna kick it's teeth in! Add us to your friends, download our songs for free, and tell everyone that metal is coming back to Albany, and it wants revenge!