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Michael teams up with PledgeMusic

Dear Friends,

As some of you may know that Michael has teamed up with PledgeMusic to raise money to help with some of the bills in making the new album. The money that we are raising will go some way to paying for the hiring of the studio, the engineer to record it, the mixer, the mastering and then the manufacturing of the CD itself. It will also go to help pay for the website and help with the release of 'The Orchard'.

For your donations you will get anything from a copy of 'The Orchard', Posters, T-Shirts, Handwritten Lyric Sheets, Signed import soundtrack CD of 'This Must Be The Place', Fine Art drawing of Michael, Math Tutorial from Michael, Songwriting Session with Michael and other goodies like House Concerts.

You’ll have access to exclusive videos and updates about the album and its release, as well as news on live performances. Just for singing up, you will be given a free download of 'Soft White and Indigo' one of the tracks on the album.

We are asking you to please come and show your support for this project. Your help will go a long way to help us with the mounting bills that we need to pay in order to release this album and give it the release that it deserves. It's up to you to make this happen, Michael can write, sing and record the songs you love but without you and your help, it makes the releasing of these songs difficult.

So please join us at http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/michaelbrunnock and pledge now.

5% of the pledge will be going to Simply Smiles, a charity that helps put a smile on the faces of impoverished children. They throw birthday parties for children living in orphanages, break piñatas with starving children in the jungle, and spend Christmas morning handing out presents to children living in a garbage dump.

Review: Michael Brunnock's "The Orchard" by KATRINA C.M.


Review: Michael Brunnock's "The Orchard" Enchanting and serene, Michael Brunnock's "The Orchard" is a rich harvest of lush lyrics and moving melodies. Mixed by Grammy-award-winning Patrick Dillett and showcasing an array of guest musicians including Ari Hest, Glen Hansard, Julia Stone, and Joe Sumner, Brunnock's third charms from first swell to last ebb.

Soft, White, and Indigo is a track true to its name – a delicate, toe-tapping number of lost-love and nostalgia. Brunnock's velveteen vocals whisper in the ear with the softness of down and the very soul of the Emerald Isle. The imagery-rich Man Overboard tells of an emigrant's quest for gold, only to find the greatest wealth was what he left behind.

The dreamy, whimsical tones of Song of the Lark weave a tapestry of simple and complex, rounded off by harmonies honeyed enough to lull the bees. The inspiring, upbeat message of Change conveys a vision dreamers everywhere share.

But perhaps the best was saved for last with the magnificent Down by the Araglin, a tribute to Brunnock's balladeer grandfather. Lyrics so seamless and a melody so pure, one would swear it a traditional Irish song.

"The Orchard" is set to release in February 2012. With such marvelous musicianship, expert composition, and a conclusion so resonant, how can one not hit "repeat"?


Lovely review of Michael Brunnock's soon to be released album, The Orchard.

The Orchard ~ by Michael Brunnock January 18, 2012 By JaneW

The Orchard is the, soon to be released, second album by Michael Brunnock. It is an amazing piece of work.

This album is absolutely a refuge from the madness that seems to rule these days. It’s like comfort food for the spirit. Michael Brunnock uses poetic lyrics along with beautiful melodies and harmonies to build his songs. Each one has something to say and you’ll find yourself feeling as well as listening to them.

There are very few albums from which you’ll love every single song but this is one of them. It starts off strong with Circle and Soft White and Indigo and never looks back. The catchy tune, Every Step, was already released as a single and is available through cdbaby (see link below). It would be hard to chose a favorite here. I was already a fan of Man Overboard and I really like Game Changer but Down by the Araglin edges out the rest for me. It reminds me of the kind of songs I used to listen to with my grandfather as a child. It makes you feel connected with our heritage and to the people who had a much bigger hand than they knew, in making us who we are. This album truly is an orchard full of wonderful songs you will want to harvest and plant on your favorites playlist. The more you listen to it, the more you love it.

Song List

Circle Soft White and Indigo Man Overboard The Orchard Untouchable Song of the Lark Change Every Step Wine Hansel Game Changer Sensation Down by the Araglin

You can find Michael at faceboo here His page at cdbaby is here The Orchard will be for sale there after it’s released. If you are in NYC you can catch Michael’s next gig at The Rockwood Music Hall Studio 2, 196 Allen Street New York, NY on Sunday, January 22nd, Doors Open at 9:00 PM

If you found this post by way of a search engine, please click on the word HOME in the upper left hand corner to visit the rest of the site. Welcome to Fanrealm!

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I just went to see a screening of "This must be the Place"

I just went to see a screening of "This must be the Place" . It is really great . Sean Penn at his best ! I'm singing the songs of David Byrne and Will Oldham on the soundtrack. I will be performing some songs from the movie in the next couple of shows . I have my own album in the works - 'The Orchard" releasing to coincide with the movie soundtrack. I believe the movie will be on general release in September . You can follow me on twitter @michaelbrunnock Go on !

Brute on 9 and The Scratcher

March 13th Brute 9, Tarrytown, 12pm-2pm The Scratcher Session 7pm-8.15pm

I've been doing this show the last 3 years in Billy Brutes Classy establishment right on the main street of TarryTown . i take a break to let the pippers do their Job . then back to singing, guinness and the best cocktails in the State of NY.

Later that evening I'm also playing one of my favorite gigs in the city. The Scratcher Session at a wonderful gem of a pub in the lower east side, called The Scratcher. This gig starts at 7pm.

Chris Foley will be accompanying me with his wonderful mastery of the guitar at both gigs.

We would love to see you all at one or more of these shows.

Brute on 9 17 N. Broadway Tarrytown, NY 10591 914-703-6022

The Scratcher 209 East 5th Street New York, NY 10003-8521 (212) 477-0030

Hope to see you this Sunday

I'm Playing Rockwood 2 on Sunday night March 6th 11pm Im playing with the full band and full regalia, I'm playing some new songs I'm excited to be getting to the end of my recording process. I have a new album coming out of the oven. I'm very proud of it. It will be called 'The Orchard'.

I'm expecting to coincide it's release with the release of the movie, 'This must Be The Place", this Summer. Ok Name drop time. I was fortunate enough to sing the songs in Sean Penns' new movie. He plays a retired Rock star on a quest to face his demons. The score and songs were written by David Byrne . Lyrics by Will Oldham. So its an exciting time for me to be releasing my own album. I am looking forward to sharing it with you . See you love Michael B

The latest news

Hi Ya, I just finished a tour back in Ireland with my previous band Little Palace where we released the album "Invitation Time".

It was very enjoyable and the album is receiving good airtime there . See www.littlepalace.ie for downloads and details.

For the summer I'll be doing the second Monday of every month at the Red Lion with the full band at the reasonable time of 10 PM.

This Monday the 11th May, I'm playing with Eric Katerle (guitar), Pete Wilhoit (Drums) and Rob Calder (bass). We will be rocking and we will be rolling until 1am.

The Red Lion is at 151 Bleeker Street on the corner of Thompson.

I just posted some new tracks on MySpace for a live album to be released soon entitled 'Live in New York" - give it a whirl.

Below is a link to my last gig in NY before I left to Ireland. Solo at the Scratcher Sessions.