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#1 in New Mexico?


Well this is unexpected.

So I just hit #1 in New Mexico in the Indie Genre on numberonemusic.com with "Binary of Mona Lisa". THIS IS NEAT.

Thank you all for all the great support!

#2 in New Mexico?

Hey hey! My buddy Tom Foster Morris informed me that my song "Walk Between the Raindrops" just hit #2 across all genres in the state of New Mexico! This is awesome!


As always, thanks for all the views and likes!

New Song up!

New song’s up! Inspired by a story from a local magician by the name of Jamie O’Hara. You can check out some of his awesome stuff here: https://www.facebook.com/TheCajonBrothers

But yar! Check out the new tune “Walk Between the Raindrops” at www.walterkimballproject.com

I got interviewed for RadiobillyFM!

This last Sunday at the Sunday Market at Tractor Supply I got hit with a present surprise! Got introduced to a local radio host who interviewed me on the spot and recorded a live track to throw on her show. Unexpected, but pretty fun. Got to explain to her my rig, how things worked and some of the places I’ve been.

Anywho, go check out her program over here at:


The interview will launch either at the end of the month or early Feb. So be sure to check it out and send your support :P

New Album Out!

So I'm learning that the CD creation process in incredibly inexpensive when you do the whole thing yourself. Recording, Pressing, Artwork, Mixing, Mastering, and all that jazz.

I'm also learning it's a Giant pain in the butt.

That said. Goal complete: I have a solo album now. 5 dollar CDs are go! Woo!