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"We do what we do, because we want to feel GOOD!" ~Six

"Living In The Land of OZ" -Six

Below the "Top 5" bar on my jukebox , "Living In The Land of OZ" is a bit of an underappreciated song. The idea was inspired by my impression of a fellow sitting in the "looney bin," delusional & reflecting upon a life that has long since passed him by like last year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

Thus he has created a utopian life within his own mind, going so far as to believe that his best friends are those three characters (well...mebbe just 2 of those guys LOL) Dorothy met on her journey through that magical land, even going so far as to have married her and had a baby with her!

Thus with that explanation, I hope the song will get some more spins. ThanXO! -Slim

Tragedy Into Art

After the death of my beloved lady in November of 2014, I was left speechless and feeling displaced in this world.

The song "Wicked Hippie" was written shortly after her initial stroke (which happened in March of 2013), and was subsequently recorded as an ode to that experience with her.

We as artists must either choose to dance or die. My songwriting since then has (for the most part) recovered from this most tragic of events to begin to move on and to dance once more!

"Slim's Hog"

This song was written in the Texas heat of 2014 in Abilene, TX. My late wife always wondered what it was actually about since I have never ridden or even been on a Harley.

I never did divulge the origins of this song to her, which I'm sure drove crazy sometimes, but it's alright. I will most likely take that to my grave LOL! May God Bless y'all!

Everything Old Is New (except moi, ha ha ha)

I wrote "Night After Night" many, many years ago, but it's one of those songs that (at least to me) seems to stand the test of time. It's perhaps a bit "bubble-gummy" in its texture but I guess I needed some lightheartedness these days (as we all do now and then. Thanks for listening, everyone. XO!

More New Music (3 songs in fact)

The basic idea for "The Secret's In My Flour" hit me about 30 years ago (yeah I'm showing my age just a bit). The vocal idea was/is inspired by the legendary songsmith Harry Chapin. I don't normally write murder ballads but this is definitely in that vein, but not in the traditional "Bluegrass" sense where a spurned lover is done in. It's an odd song with the lyrical content written the same night as "Right Back At You" (another song about death...go figure) which also appears in my "jukebox" on this site.

Going Forward

I am dealing with the changes my life has put in my path, and writing down everything that comes into my mind. You never can tell where your next great idea will come from or exactly what may interest those who actually listen (such as The Fores, Steve Inglis and Chuck Brunicardi immediately come to mind), but I love you all. And in the words of Gordon Lightfoot, "The song that you sing should not be too sad, and be sure not sing it too slow." With hope and reflection," -Slim

Heartbreak & Reality

Getting through my final Open Mic night in Abilene, TX was not an easy thing to do, and those familiar with my condition/situation read the pain on my face no matter how well I tried to mask it in a smiling, brave face. Thanks to those that were able to show up for my last go 'round here XO!

MezaMiz Coffee Shop Dec. 16th, 2014

I will be playing one last open mic night in Abilene, TX for a good long while (it looks like). I don't know when I will be back this way. Tennessee is calling me back.

New Song Release!

Thank you for all your support via fanning me, the kind words in your messages to me and all the wonderful comments on my page. Thus for all the love and support: "Right Back At You!" XO! -Six