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Local gigs this summer!

We have just a few local shows around the Bershires (Western MA) this summer! Check out the schedule and come out for some fun!! We are still looking to fill some dates in Dec / Jan, so let us know where you would like us to play and we will do our best to get there.

Mrs Hollywood CD Release!

Hello everyone. Our new CD "Mrs Hollywood" just went to press! We started recording this project right after coming off tour in 2001. There have been many set backs (Abe always on tour, Tim's hand injury etc.) but we finally got this thing done!!! I know it's crazy!. It's been nine years in the making but when you add it all up, I think we have only been working for about 4 months. May 14th is the Official Date and of coarse there is a release party. Two in fact! Our drummer, Dan, has another band called Harbour Grace and they have a new CD as well. We decided to celebrate together by hosting a concert / party at The Barrington Stage Co. in Pittsfield, MA. I'll post some details soon!