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What's Crackin?

We are scheduling the (what we hope is the last) session within a month or so (hopefully) and then we can move on to mixing and mastering. We had a photo shoot back on Sept 2nd to start getting the graphic end sewn up and I’ve put a teaser of a few of them on here with this. Jon Powell is our new guitarist so don't let that throw any of ya. Hope to have more shots from the last show of him soon for you guys. -SLAVE

Good to be home...sorta.

Well folks, we spent about nine days recording our album at the Trouse in Abita Springs,LA. It was an experience I'm sure we will never forget. We actually used the old Harris board that Kansas and Journey used back in the day, and I believe Kansas recorded "Dust In The Wind" on it. We burnt up a Bass cab one morning and Paul McCoy from 12 Stones bailed us out courtesy of Thomas Moody. We had the opportunity to work with two of the best in the industry. Our producer David "Puma" Troia, who mixed the last Mudvayne album and the one slated for release in Nov., and Thomas Moody from Moodswing Management who was the resident point man who made sure no one was half stepping...evah. Saturate came through from Houston, TX to drop in on the happenings at Trouse. We got to kick it with them and we're scheduled to throw down with them on the 21st here in our hometown @ Matthew's Bar over on Morris Ave. When we got back to Bham, our new guitarist Jon Powell had a dead car battery where it sat for over a week, and Adam had a tire leak down to flat, neither of which gets laughed @ 4am when the whole crew is zombie eyed. And that was the sorta for you kids in the back sleeping it off. This is just the short of it, as this page is under construction. There will be more later, bank on it. Until this gets in full build mode feel free to keep up on myspace. - E