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New Song!

Working on a new one now - sort of a bit like The Killers...haven't come up with a bridge section yet, but when I do the rest will flow! It's going to be a really good song, so keep listening!

"Burn It Down" moving on...

Added some acoustic guitar to the chorus today...still needs the main melody (which ties it all together), some bass, some violin flourishes, and some work on the drum parts...

First time I'm not sure if needs a middle 8 - what do you think?

You can hear where it's up to here:


"Burn It Down" progress

Slightly more work on it today, around the constant interruptions that come with being a full time dubbing mixer...

You can hear how it's going here... http://iLike.com/s/8cqow

"Burn It Down" WIP

Added some more bits to it today whilst at work, bored by dubbing laughter tacks on to whole episodes of "Wizards Of Waverly Place". It will probably change a lot as it goes on - especially as the main melody isn't on it yet!

You can hear it here http://iLike.com/s/8Z6Rg if you want to see how it's going...

"Burn It Down" Chorus

Finally programmed (ugh! - hate programming parts, but I just don't have the space at the moment to get out all my gear, so have to resort to a laptop!) chorus piano part - realized I often write in part bars subconsciously! Makes timings more difficult...

"Burn It Down"

Forgot that I had called Big M "Burn It Down" back in the day.. Now programmed very basic parts up until the 1st chorus - this helps to decide on arrangement - will probably replace most of it! you can hear it here: http://www.ilike.com/artist/Brad+Williams+UK/bulletins. Laters!

Starting work on "Big M"

Just started today. Programming piano parts into Logic - tedious as ever. Plan to record some real instruments on it - maybe some mandolin...