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If That's Country

If That’s Country... Roger Miller is one of the best songwriters of his time, but often not given enough credit for his amazing talent. Miller is known best for songs like "King of the Road", "Me and Bobby Mcgee", but also as the voice/songwriter of the minstrel in the animated Disney classic, Robin Hood. Artists like Roger Miller and Johnny Cash make images like Kenney Chesney and Keith Urban look ridiculous. To quote a current singer/songwriter who couldn't have summed it up any better:

"I don't watch CMT Naw that shit makes me sick. And that ole Kenny Chesney, What a hypocrite.

He'll swear he's country, But he lives in the Caribbean. Sings all about the islands now, What happened to the Tennessean

Aw if he's country ill kiss your ass Throw all my Johnny Cash records in the trash He's all about image cuz image pays the bucks, Aw but if he's country, well then country really sucks.

What happened to the outlaws, Who weren't afraid to cross the line. What happened to the workin' man, Who sang the truth about their troubled lives."

-Corey Smith-