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Who's in the band now?

The Duke Russell Experience has had many different collaborators. For the moment it me my son Shane Russell and Dan Berube on bass. With this newest song " Babies on the rooftop" I recorded that with the Come-A-Callin's which i Sarah Middlton- guitar and vocals Scott Bennett on bass

new songs

After a week with Dan Bern I was inspired to get some new material together. Mile High is Quick. Scooter Boy is Real! Yeah!

working in the moment

just a reminder with it's a real song ,call it back,witch vibe are all songs that had never been sung before, or since we recorded, no rehearsal no rewrite, and thats what makes it soo sweet. thanks for tuning in.

It's A Real Song

This is for anybody who hasn't been taken seriously with their music.

Call it Back and Witch Vibe

Two more from the Seattle project Call it Back is how we came up with the Come 'a callin's our official name. these song did not exsist before we sang them

grocery Store

This song is from a project I do with some friends in seattle. We do all songs from scratch, from fresh ,no rehearsal just start singing about something and go for it. the song start 40 seconds in

New songs on there way

It's just a matter of time before i start layin' down some more tracks. Im'm gonna pimp out my site. put some glitter on it, maybe some ribbons or a bow. Shane is jumping in and recording too. check out Shane Russell on the Nation