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Voyager / Kevin Strydom collaboration

Well, Kevin has finally agreed to record vocals for a song I wrote. This in between recording his own solo album. Check out Another Highway. The original was 3 half tones too high for his comfort but in the end we kept the last chorus in the original key. Another Highway entered the Downtempo charts on SoundClick at #24 and turned at #6.

Some perfect voices

I have the pleasure of being friends with Kevin Strydom, one of the people I've had the opportunity to record. Kevin is one of those natural talents who can "see" music and make sense of it - without a struggle. A few days ago he came to record vocals for a song he has to sing at a wedding and it literally took 3 takes, one for the lead and 2 harmonizing voices. I'm trying to get him to do more but we'll see what happens with that. Hopefully in the not too distant future we can work on something.