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The establishment of habit development has been crucial and foundational to mental and physical aspects of my exercise regimen. In January of 2011, I began a new routine based on a recommendation from a former, female bodybuilder and good friend. Prior to starting this new regimen, I weighed about 185 pounds with clothes on (probably about 4 to 5 pound less with them off). My goals were to improve my stamina, strength, drastically eliminate any excess “love handles” around my mid-section., and reduce some of the “Dizzy Gillespie” cheeks I inherited from family members. Also keep in mind that I have always worked out and been an active person in my life.

My friend adamantly told me that I HAD to stick to this plan with a 100% commitment for at least 3 months straight. The plan consisted of a very strict eating and exercise plans that were carried out for 5 days out the week with rest on Wednesdays and Sundays. In addition to this extremely challenging regimen, I was in the “heart” of Grad School, and of course holding down other familial and “9 to 5” responsibilities. I don’t say this to be boastful in any way, but to ENCOURAGE people that IT CAN BE DONE with commitment!!! I stuck to her plan very intensely. At the end of 3 months, I dropped from that 185 to 165 pounds (with the clothes on! -. I was actually so startled with the weight loss that I eased up after the 3 months to not lose too much weight!! Nevertheless, the execution of positive exercise and eating habits over time paid big “dividends” for me. Moreover, I realized that the 3 month time period was crucial, because now the routine is A PART OF MY EVERYDAY HABITS!!!!! If I happen to gain a few pounds outside of my target range, I CAN ALWAYS GO BACK TO THE HABITS THAT I ADOPTED to help me reach my goals! What that means again is that I believe it is okay to eat and drink what you like in moderation, and to not beat yourself up, if you gain a few pounds back here or there! Please know that I am NOT a maniac about calories, etc., and DO indulge in some cold brews or so called, high calorie foods every now and then. The point is work hard to develop the HABITS that you can sustain and/or always come back to. For me, it’s the HABITS that have comforted me far more than any food or beverage can!!! If you work hard to employ those HABITS, you WILL BE the master of your physique!!! Good luck, keep the faith, and take it one day at a time! Humanly and with Much Love!! K-Rob

Nashville artist hopes to duplicate European success at home

Nashville artist hopes to duplicate European success at home By Ron Wynn, rwynn@nashvillecitypaper.com August 22, 2006 Nashville vocalist Kevin "K-Rob" Robertson has already developed a sizable international following for his earnest, energetic brand of contemporary R&B. The single "2Nite" from his forthcoming self-titled debut release has been a hit, featured on radio stations throughout England, France and Japan, and it's generated plenty of Internet buzz. Robertson, a Tennessee State University graduate and former vocalist in the TSU jazz choir, also got plenty of inspiration early in his life from famous uncles in both music and sports — the Isley Brothers and Oscar "The Big O" Robertson respectively. "I remember when the original 3 + 3 edition of the Isley Brothers were really hitting it big in the '80s," Robertson recalled. "They were great entertainers, kept up with current trends, but also didn't forget about what had happened throughout the music's history. They had a great pride in what they did and always put as much importance on telling the story as they did in singing. That's what I try to do with my music, emphasize both being a good technical singer and also be a good entertainer. You don't want to just copy what's hot, or try to imitate what's gone before, but instead find your own sound and voice. "I also remember being on the court and watching my uncle play basketball, how intense he was, how hard he concentrated, and how serious and dedicated he was. So I've had some very good mentors." Robertson, who's recently been the opening act for such vocalists as Byron McKnight and R. Kelly, has learned his lessons well judging by the songs on K-Rob, which is slated for release next week. A mix of upbeat, optimistic dancefloor numbers and tender ballads, Robertson is at home with sentimental narratives, topical pieces, commentary and story-songs. The set is co-produced by Myron Davis and Keith Robertson, and his singing also has extensive gospel influence, a reflection of his years singing in church choirs before shifting to secular music. A fan of current performers like Usher and Anthony Hamilton, as well as classic soul stars like Marvin Gaye and of course the Isley Brothers, Robertson acknowledges his toughest task involves getting his songs aired on urban stations in an era when it's extremely tough for any independent performer to even get noticed, let alone have their songs placed in rotation. Yet he maintains that it's possible for urban and contemporary R&B artists to succeed in Nashville, and he's determined he won't have to relocate to Atlanta or Houston to succeed. "I'm convinced that there's an audience here for quality R&B," Robertson said. "There are certainly plenty of fine vocalists, singers and producers working in Nashville. It's just something that you have to work on, getting your music out in the marketplace; but I have faith that if people hear my songs, they'll respond to them." .. Gap --