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Delbert And Friends Cruise

Big thanks to Delbert,Wendy and Molly who had us back on SBC23.A special week on the sea with legends of blues, country and soul.could not have been a better experience playing music with some of their band members at our jam

Belushi's Comedy Bar 2/25-26

had the pleasure to open for Jim Belushi at his club in Ft Myers with my Gary Carpino on Bass. Thanks so much to the cast and crew for making us feel at home.At the time of our gig they we're filming a pilot for tv

Big Thanks To You All

Thanks to everyone who attended my cd release and benefit on sunday 1/27 at the Egg in Albany.The whole cast of musicians from 4 different bands came together like an extended family.Thank you Doug Klein,Joe Rocco,Bob Girouard and Leo Kachidurian Drummers,Joe Roy Jackson acoustic solo guitar,Lucas Ruedy and Paul Riley bass,Denny Dwyer,Hank Soto Larry Clyman guitars,Tony Perrino and Chris Cernik keys,Craig Thailer violin, Joe "box" Dragone and Ken Drumm saxes,Trish Anderson and Julie Delts vocals and Tony Gambaro trumpet Special thanks to Joe Mele for stage managing,Tony Gambaro for his horn charts and a very special thanks to Ken Drumm who made it all happen.What a great day we had.....Rick

The Night Before

it's the night before my cd release party at "the egg" in Albany NY and im thinking about all the work that went into this one show.the egg is a venue that hosts mostly national acts and the help from the print media , local radio and especially my band Lost Wages and the supporting bands and onstage and off stage help have lifted this show to a much higher level and all i can say is thankyou.i hope you all have the same experience in your music someday

Why Do I Do This

you ever wonder why people even write songs? For me it's a way to get deeper into a musical world that im wandering. don't get me wrong it's a lot of fun doing a creative arrangement of a cover tune but nothings as rewarding as writing something and having band members who you respect really get it and turn it out to a live audience or listener.that thrill is all you may ever get from writing and mostly that's enough

new album release due in 2013

hi folks,it's taken a while since our 1st release.we've been through studio fires and missing equipment but it's been our pleasure to get "Three Sides To Every Story"out to you.please sample the tunes and thanks for hitting the fan button if you can