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Straight out of the heart of Scranton, PA; Gypsy Wagon has developed their own tasty recipe for music. The founding band is made up of: Vic Cognetti (Guitar/Vocals,) Kyle Watts (Guitar/Vocals,) Bob Robacker (Drums/Vocals,) and Doug Belcastro (Bass.) Gypsy Wagon just recently added on keyboard master Seth Eisenberg. The idea of the band came from a simple Craigslist music ad. Kyle and Vic began playing some acoustic music and noticed that adding some more style to the band would create a monster sound. That is when Bob and Doug stepped into the equation. Bob brought the rhythmic emotion; while Doug added the funky technical bass sounds. Steeped in many different styles of music they bring a unique mash to the stage with a very energetic presence. If you like to dance, sing like it’s your last day on Earth and travel to Mars and back, you have found the right band. Gypsy Wagon has been rocking the local scene on a constant basis since forming in March of 2013. They have found a special musical niche in the area and have recently created quite a stir in areas such as Maryland and Delaware. They have mixed up a musical cocktail of jamming and added a little traditional Dead flare that comes at you like lightning. Gypsy Wagon can throw some sweet originals at you or take you on the, “Golden Road,” with a rich Dead cover into a mind twisting jam. The band is full of some young musical talent and is constantly working hard to keep their music fresh and fun. Hop on board if you are looking for an awesome time. Listeners welcome!