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Getting Ready....

On my drive this morning, I listened to bits of our first two CDs. It's kind of a strange thing to listen to yourself sing songs on your car stereo...I remembered the times and places where each song was written, I remembered the days in the studio recording each note, but mostly I was struck by the thought that these songs just make me smile! Each word in each song has come from my heart and my experiences as a dad, a counselor, a teacher and a kid! We're getting ready to record our third CD! We've been rehearsing and refining each song and I keep asking myself "is this new song good enough?" Today I'm deciding that YES, these new songs are just fine! Each of the new songs have come from my heart, they make me (and my kids) smile, and I believe they will bring joy to your family as well! It's tough putting your insecurities and lessons out for everyone to see...but I think it's worth it! Have a great day and give your kiddos a big hug today for no reason at all! They're worth it...too!

Let's Get Things Started!

Inspiration comes in many forms...today it came in the form of my morning ritual. As I was getting ready for work, gathering the tools for the day (cell phone, wallet, keys, water, work ID, breakfast bar....I know if forgot something...) My son and I hit the road leaving Momma Fun Band and my daughter home (Abby's not feeling to well today). My son and I got to his school and as I turned to leave, I just couldn't shake the feeling that I forgot something important. "Hmmm, school open house...that's tonight...orientation materials for work....that's in process...upcoming shows....noted..none today..." Then it hit me! I hadn't kissed my wife and daughter goodbye today. Josh got his because we get to ride together to school but my sweet girls were at home...probably crying because I rushed off without telling them that I love them and giving them a kiss to start their day. I rushed back home. It's true that this move would result in a 15 minute delay...I didn't care. It's true that I would have to traverse TWO school zones to get back home with all their traffic and crossing guards and kiddos on bikes...I didn't care, this was important! I pulled into the driveway and entered the house to find my wife and daughter just as happy as can be playing games and making coffee. They weren't crushed that I had forgotten their kisses at all...So I gave 'em big hugs and kisses anyway! ...and we all laughed about it and re-started the day. If you've read this to this point, thank you! Let me tell you why I wrote it. Every minute of every day we have a chance to "start" things all over again. This gives us the chance to turn any situation into something better than expected, something new, something that is closer to our hopes and dreams! Today I chose to start again. Now, it's true that I'll probably get busy and forget this new start....but I can always re-start this afternoon, or this evening, or tomorrow...or every day for the rest of my life! Maybe today is a good day for a new start for you too. I don't know much but I do know that making an "awake" decision to start again can bring clarity, joy, and a new perspective to the mundane patterns of everyday life. Give it a shot and let me know how it went! Hope to see you soon! Tom

dalehowe  (over 6 years ago)

Wonderful story Tom, and congrats on the new CD!!
Merry Christmas to you and all of the family!

Doc and Pat Howe