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A Clockwork Wonderland: Through Aether & Mysterium

Dearest friends, familiars, strangers, and strange ones alike, it is with utter elation and great anticipation that we officially announce our new incarnation: ~A Clockwork Wonderland: Through Aether & Mysterium~

A single evening steampunk mini-con tangled within a twisted wonderland

... Deep down the rabbit hole, one & all shall discover:

~The Astounding Sideshow Astonishments & Startlements of Circus della Morte~

~The Beguiling & Bewitching Burlesque Stylings of Fem Vivre LaRouge~

~The Voodooistic Vibes & Shamanistic Shanties of Master 'Bones' Jangle the Trans-dimensional Pirate~

~The Hypnotically Haunting Melodies of Amanda Terese~

~The Mesmerizing & Mystical Sitar of Sarasvati Bodhisattva~

~The Curious Carnival Capers & Dauntless Daredevil Deeds of The Circus Freaks~

~The Widgetous Newfangled Gadget & Contraption Arrayal~ (Featuring Airship Isabella & Airship Nocturne)

~The Eldritch Aether Trinkets & Curios Bazaar~

~The Pageantry & Prominence Airship Parade~

and of course a performance with new musical mischief by Marquis of Vaudeville...

!!!More wondrous & intriguing acts to be announced as they unfold!!!

$15 at the rabbit hole $12 advanced tickets Advanced ticketing will begin Dec 1st at http://www.frontgatetickets.com/

Special Guests: -Airship Isabella http://airshipisabellaproductions.com/ -Airship Nocturne http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001245433495 -Aimee Stewart of Foxfires Art http://www.foxfires.com/

For dealer inquiries, gadget show inquiries, or if you would like your airship or vessel to be a part of the The Pageantry & Prominence Airship Parade, Please contact: mov@marquisofvaudeville.com

Sponsors: -Steampunk Illumination Society: http://steampunkis.org/ -Eldritch Stitch Couture

Curtain Club 2800 Main St. Dallas, TX