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Gig at Goodbye Blue Monday Brookly 12/22/12

Hey, Our past gig that was scheduled during Sandy has officially been changed to 12/22/12 @ 8:00 at Goodbye Blue Monday 1087 Broadway Brooklyn. It's been a long time comin'. I hope any of you who were effected by the storm are doing well. I'll be playing this gig with my son Paul on drums. I've chosen to do a few new numbers that I've written over the past several months and we'll also play some old favorites of ours and maybe a couple of covers you've heard before. This should be a fun time; Holly and Jolly and all that stuff. I find it as a time for me to do the thing I love; make music and see others enjoy it. Hope some or all of my friends (and or foes) can make it out. If not for the music, then to just wish a Happy Holiday season......but I hope it's for the music as well. It should be a blast. Wishing you all a Happy Holidays!!!

Paul Claro @ Goodbye Blue Monday 11/3/2012

We'll be back at Goodbye Blue Monday on Sat. Nov. 11 'round 9:00. Come on out to the heart and guts of Brooklyn and enjoy the show. Really lookin' forward to this one. Goodbye Blue Monday 1087 Broadway & Dekalb Brooklyn NY 11221

We'll be at UC Lounge 87 Ludlow St NYC This Friday

My drummer Paulie and I will be appearing at UC Lounge this Friday July 29 @ around 8PM. We'll be playing some new songs from our upcoming CD "Cellar Full of Noise". Hope you can join us. Great Venue. UC Lounge 87 Ludlow St. (Between Delancy and Broom St.) NYC

Gig @ Goodbye Blue Monday 11/6/10

I'll be playing a gig @ Goodbye Blue Monday on Nov 6 @ 8:30. If you've never been to this place, you just gotta check it out. The atmosphere is laid back for the most part, but the decor is amazing. Odd to say the least, but very interesting. I'll be playing a 45 minute set. If you love Brooklyn and some good music you gotta come down. All the best, Paul

Goodbye Blue Monday Aug 16 Solo

I'll be playing an acoustic solo gig at Goodbye Blue Monday This coming Monday 8/16/10 @ 9:00. I know it's a weekday, but I love playing this venue whenever it is. The interior is one of the most eclectic I've ever seen. You gotta see it to really appreciate it. It's at 1087 Broadway in Brooklyn right off Dekalb. Hope you can make it. Stay safe

Paul Claro @ UC Lounge NYC 6/11/10

I'll be at UC Lounge next Fri @ 10:00 for an acoustic set of our CD "Padded Room" 87 Ludlow St. NYC 10002

Paul Claro Acoustic 5/1/10 @ Bar East NYC

I'll be at Bar East 1733 1st Avenue @90th Street New York, NY 10128 This Saturday @ 9:00. I'll be playing an acoustic version of my latest CD "Padded Room" and some other stuff as well.

CD "Padded Room" Release Party

We'll be having a release party for the new CD "Padded Room" on Feb 26 9:30 @ Desmonds Tavern-433 Park Ave. S NY NY 10016. We'll be playing the new cd in full and probably a few surprises. Come on down!!!!!!! "The circuits full of switchblade lovers so fast, so shiny, so sharp."

Dark Halls #5 on Sutros.com

Thought I would put the Dark Halls music up on this new site called Sutros. I am pleased to say that after just a week the song Dark Halls is number 5. Check out the site when you get a chance. www.sutros.com Thanx Paul

New CD in the works

Hey...A little update. I am currently in the process of writing new material. Got plenty as a matter of fact. Just working out some kinks. We will be going into the studio mid spring to start recording and hopefully by mid summer the new CD will be out. We're all excited. I want to thank Paul Claro Jr and Ev Gold of Cinema, Cinema for backing me. Good stuff guys!