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Joel Newman / Blog

The CD or Compact Disc Blog

My first blog so bear with me. .and maybe it isn’t even that. Maybe it’s more like a question. . How do you all feel about the inevitable loss of tangible music media? What I mean to say is our good friend the CD, I predict, and I know I’m not the 1st person who feels this way, will probably in about five years, be no more to speak of. I just have a feeling that the way the music business is going, CD’s will become obsolete. Kids don’t have the money to buy a whole album, (yes, yes I’m dating myself), and why buy a CD that only has three good tunes on it anyway? Just pay for the songs individually @ 99 cents a pop, or hell, get the tune for free even better. MP3’s are the way it’s going to be for a while. This shrinking music media has created its own monster in the sense that the actual ceremony has gone out of the acquiring of music. Gone are the days of saving your sheckles to get that cool new (insert favorite band’s name here), record. And then the savoring of the 1st spin, spilling yourself all over the chair/couch or floor with said record cover, drinking the lyrics like a stevedore’s ale. And oh look, did they really need David Sanborn on this track too? Etc. Etc. . . . And yeah, I know ultimately music isn’t tangible anyway so I guess I can get over it, it’s the music that really matters. I for one will not miss CD’s as I’ve always felt as though they missed the mark with CD package design anyhow. To get a brand new CD out of its case has always pissed me off. How many times have you broken a brand new CD cover or worse the actual CD? Now my fifty year old eyes have gone south on me, but even when I could see, the CD booklet was just too darn small to truly enjoy. However the disappearing media might just be a euphemism for the disappearing act of music itself. Is music so accessible now that it has devalued itself? I ask because I’m too cynical and jaded and don’t trust my own guts anymore? I teach music to kids every week but I don’t have any sense of where they feel music’s pulse in this day and age. I know they feel it but it seems almost as though they treat music like a new video game. Where as when we were young, music had certain religious aspects. Has technology desensitized us to music a bit? I for one walk around with a dinosaur of an mp3 player, I use it everyday, it’s a brick. No self respecting kid would be caught dead with my mp3 player, but it holds 20 gigs and I now have more music within it’s 1”x3”x5” casing than I’ve ever owned in my life. When I think about it, it truly boggles my mind. I feel rich yet I take it so for granted. I guess the way it’s going, recorded music will keep getting more accessible and more portable. Usb ports within our skulls? Where a dime sized mp3player or computer interface can be input-ed? I dunno . .