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This year has been full of good things for Imogen Brave.

At the turn of the new year Neil Pearce joined as our bass player, a very welcome addition to our growing sound, and an all round good bloke.

We played with some awesome bands, at some great venues and have some cool memories including but not limited to:

- Squeaker + The Oscillators @ the Crown & Anchor (affectionately known as Cranker to the regulars): dancing like a spastic to the funky tunes, getting beer spilt on me and laughing at McLovin' lookalikes.

- Sonny Loveless + Bird is The Word - no scratch that - Piece of Ace @ the Gov: not being to hear or see much at all :-P

- The Irresponsibles + Militant Groove @ Cranka: getting to know the crazy kids from The Irresponsibles and laughing our asses off

- Rocketbox + The Baron @ Cranka: why do I not remember this night other than that we started an hour earlier than expected and missed some of our crowd haha.

- Blind Envy + comedians @ The Rhino Room: earning enough to buy a couple beers, the school disco like crowd and getting told off for being too loud and distracting while the comedians were on... oops!

- Bad Blood & Broken Bones (Cathouse 4) @ The Squatters: ahh where to begin? Putting makeup on boys, smeared lipstick and kisses all round, dutch bar wenches, short skirts and short shorts, tambourine solos, free CDs, the magical Stace Branford, "person surfing" whilst singing, biting random moshers hehe.

- The Irresistables + Tomorrow Is @ The Grace Emily: first ever acoustic show, good vibe, great tunes all round and great company. x

With still two shows to go for the year (so far! see myspace/facebook for more info), many new songs, demos and EPs on the horizon, we can't wait to see what is in store for the next year!