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USA Album Review By Wolfsong

Drops of Light premier album "Phoenix Rising" from Sydney, Australia and in tribute to their drummer, Nick Buontempo, who has just passed.

These songs, all various degrees of rock, from psychedelic to hard, from classic to instrumental rock . . . contained excellent examples of guitar, drumming, keyboarding, lyrics, and vocals . . . It would be nice to hear all fifteen songs under one album, but I was able to listen to these as singles at soundclick.com. The group is hoping to bring their album to other music sites.

I enjoy psychedelic rock, specifically the best of all the genres of rock music. I've always been a fan of that genre as it seems to expose the keyboarding skills more and the song, "Never Knew the Way" had a great Beatles styled feeling with excellent chills and impressions of emotions . . . the drumming was strong and the guitars gave a distinct lift in this piece.

"Four Play" demonstrated the hard hitting thrills of great surf rock . . . the guitars describing the feelings of sand and surf and the sunshine warmth of music that reaches its peak of joy.

And "Apocalypse" was just stunningly the best! An Instrumental Rock it carried this listener into the heights of exciting guitar dreams and rhythms . . .

Overall, this album is an excellent example of a cohesive, shining rock band giving delightfully fresh entertainment. The music is easy to listen to with perfect style and genre-centered expression. The instrumental play is talented, producing a wonderful afternoon's listen. Definitely worthy of listening and downloading . ..

E3Project  (almost 4 years ago)

very sorry man that your DRUMMER Passed, horrific news , you guys have a cool style, if you want to support eachother doing some shows together in 2014 with in equal billing or support or headline, get back to E3Project a.s.a.p. we can chat more. love the song what went wrong with love ...real stylish man !! axe al drummer/vocalist of e3p.

Drops Of Light
Drops Of Light  (almost 4 years ago)

Thankyou so much guys would love to gig with you E3 Project. We are in Sydney stay in touch were not ready yet but would love to check you out live

Drops of Light album Phoenix Rising

A superb first album with amazing production and melody. The songs are well constructed with precise beat and orgasmic highs achieved