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It´s for free the full album

The music lives on....Here´s the album from 2014 punkAtronic by PISSEDPOSTPUNK and it´s for free. Download it enjoy it and let it spread.

Live in suburbia Murder Not Murder by PissedPostPunk

Here´s a live video from PissedPostPunks first stage appearance. Help, share, like maybe even buy the album punkAtronic by PissedPostPunk at your internet music dealer..itunes, spotify and so on.



Confprmista the singel

C´mon and share, link,like or buy a little pissed post punk.




New Vidio

Here´s our vidio for the song Conformistas http://youtu.be/W4oXGo-co4o

conformistas video

Www.youtube.com PissedPostPunk Conformistas


We are now number one on reverbnation thanx´s a million to those who helped. We are planning for the album to be released this spring. So watch out for our fast mowing, angry with a smile punk a tronic.


A gift to all of you from P.P.P. the first song from the fast mowing crazy danes in PissedPostPunk. The album is recorded and will be out there in 2014 on MABEL The Label