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What message are you sending out???

Music is a powerful healing mechanism used to heal the broken and the unaided. The essence of its power is sometimes undermined by those who lack the full understanding of its purpose. As artist we have to be aware of the epidemic outbreak that has caused the hearts of many to be encrypted by this virus. A lot of today's music is the cause of this mayhem. Music is powerful whether used for good or bad but we have to be the illustrator of whatever story we're trying to portray. You choose which colors you want to use as the artist and whatever picture you're trying to paint. Your creative ability is determined by your willingness to think outside of the box. The track is your canvas, your words are the sketch or the blue print of your story line but your voice is the colors in your presentation. So my question to you is how are you presenting yourself? And does your story have any substance? We can always get by with saying a lot yet saying NOTHING AT ALL...but its people out there who are looking for more than another artist who's Ego is bigger than them themselves. Not everybody wants to bask in another mans glory especially when they're in search of their own identity as an individual. I don't know thats just some fat to chew on....Love you all!!

Shows, Shows, and more Shows!!!!!

I'm definitely excited about what the most high is doing!!! A lot of things went down this past Thursday concerning the show....Pure wasn't a go after all....due to some unfortunate circumstances on their behalf....the show there was canceled. However God blessed us with another venue the day of by the name of "Adult Activity Center" which is a recreational center...the turn out there was great and unexpected considering the spur of the moment change....After that show was over I made my way out to Pandora's and opened up for Malachi. The show there was bananas. The energy was on point the crowd was live the music was awesome....other artist like Saraphic Sunman, MSKB (Mike Stone and the Kritikal Band), Suthern Com4ort, The Dubber, and Malachi performed. That was indeed an AWESOME SHOW LINE UP!!!!!! Thanks to all those that came!!! The love is always appreciated!!! Now I'm getting ready for this show in Batesburg, SC at Lee's Tavern...have to be to sound check in about an hour and a half. I keep you updated on the show as well...hope to see you out there!!!