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2nd Original Uploaded

Hi everyone! i had a brainlapse late last night and uploaded the wrong file for my 2nd original :/ i have rectified this error earlier today so the song Become A Display is now uploaded with the music too not just my vocals...please give it a listen if you havent already and please if you have come and hear it as its meant to be :) blessed be to all 3 Seren

1st Original Song!!

Hey everyone :) i have just uploaded my 1st original song all vocals and lyrics are mine and Damian Smith(who is ALSO on Reverbnation go check him out!) did all the instrumentals and technical work. hope you like it :) any feedback is welcome x blessed be 3 Seren

Happy New Year!

I know I know im a little late :D NYE was a blast loved being up there singing :) as you may have noticed i have already uploaded some videos and tracks from the night :) hope you all have a listen and enjoy x wishing everyone success for this year x blessed be 3 Seren


Wooo Im so excited(and nervous) not long till 1st gig :) hope everything goes to plan...hope all my Reverbnation friends and fans all have a safe(but rockin) New Year x Blessed Be 3 Seren

1st Gig...Not Far Away Now

well really getting excited now...things are sounding good and we are getting everything ready for the NYE gig...a very big thank you to Brett Masterson for the opportunity of a lifetime...i will never forget nor realize how lucky i have been on my journey thus far...Blessed be 3 Seren

Please Like On Facebook

Hi everyone! could you please hit the facebook like button on my page if you like my songs/covers or are a fan x blessed be 3


i have been lucky enough to be offered stage time with another performer for this upcoming New Years Eve! Totally stoked about it! Will be filling in more details as they are finalized, a very big thank you too who have helped my on my way x blessed be 3

You'll See

just wanted to let everyone know that the cough in the track is from my daughter who is recording me live on my camera phone sorry for this i dont know how to edit it out :/ still i hope you enjoy my cover it was 1 of my favorites growing up x blessed be 3


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Hi World!

Please listen to my covers comment share and subscribe on youtube also my webpage is at http://serens.webs.com x blessed be 3