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Hi you guys! We are now finding it increasingly difficult to run a number of RN sites due the the amount of feedback we are receiving. (Which of course we like!) It is unfortunately leaving us no time to write and record. We are therefore not giving any more feedback from this particular site, but look forward to hearing from you on our own individual sites:



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I BELIEVE IN LOVE. Vocals: Mikalene Ipson. Composition, production, arrangements and instrumentation by Paul Dunn. Lyrics by Julian Wilson. © Paul Dunn and Julian Wilson 2013

MIKALENE IPSON. If anyone has come across the work of this really talented artist, they could not fail to be impressed with the beauty of her voice and incredible vocal range. This lady can really sing, and has won several singing competitions in the USA. She turned professional at the age of 13...yes 13! - and has since performed with various bands all over the Western USA. Hit songwriter Don Goodman who is most famous for his hit song "Angels Amongst Us" was sufficiently impressed to engage her to do some demo work on his songs. Mikalene plays guitar and the piano and is also an extremely talented songwriter in her own right. She has recently released her first album of original self penned songs entitled "Pixie Dust" - which is available on iTunes, Amazon or direct from her website at mikalene.com. Both Julian Wilson and myself are highly delighted that Mikalene graciously agreed to perform this song for us, and we truly hope you enjoy listening to the result.

IT'S SO AMAZING Vocals: John MaCauley and Rebecca Dunn Music composed, arranged and produced by Paul Dunn Lyrics by Julian Wilson Drums by Jayson Jackson © Paul Dunn and Julian Wilson 2013

Paul's daughter Rebecca and Johnny MaCauley are all at sea with this duet we wrote together back in 2009. Johnny has recorded several demos for us, and we really value the excellent work he has done on our behalf. He is great to work with, and really excellent at working out harmonies. He is also a multi talented instrumentalist. Rebecca formerly fronted a band called The Lounge Lizards in Sheffield, and whilst she currently does not have any full time involvement in music, she does thankfully help out her old Dad from time to time by singing on his songs.

ONE DAY. Vocals: John MaCauley Music composed, arranged and produced by Paul Dunn Lyrics by Julian Wilson © Paul Dunn and Julian Wilson 2013 Once again our sincere thanks to Johnny MaCauley for performing this song so well for us.