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Blistering Recording Session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, so we just tracked an entire 8 song album in 10 hours and we can't wait to put it up here so you guys can check it out! We recorded it all live, so it sounds like you are right in the room with us!! Can't wait for you to hear it, so stay tuned!!! In other news, One more reason to make SURE you don't miss this Friday's show at the Chit Chat... Halo will be on Hiatus for at least 6 months as our guitarist, Mark Toolan, will be soon be heading to Lutherie school (that's for guitar building) in Arizona!!! We wish him the best of luck, and know he will return ready to continue rock our faces off...only with a better day job! Help us send him off Halo style! See you on the 4th! XO Halo