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The Atlantics..One of Boston's all time greatest bands

One of the all time best bands in Boston Rock History with very strong melodic songs were very popular local club headliners, but due to bad luck and a floundering record label The Atlantics never gained the national status they so richly deserved.The original lineup consited of B. Wilkinson, Tom Hauck, Bobby Marron, Jeff Lock, and Boby Bear.In 1977 Ray Fernandes would replace Boby Bear on drums.and the band soon recorded"I'm Hooked" as part of a compilation album for radio station WCOZ called Best of the Boston Beat. They also recorded a single that was never released called "When You're Young"b/w "Where Would I be Without your Love" on their own Jukebox records. In 1978 lead guitarist Jeff Lock would depart and ex Third Rail guitarist Fred Pineau stepped in to handle lead guitar chores. Later that year the band signed a major record contract and released their debut album "Big CityRock" on ABC Records and toured the U.S as opening act for Roxy Music, Cheap Trick, and many more major acts. Unfortunately things started to sour as their record company ABC was sold to MCA and the label dropped the band from it's roster. Drummer Ray Fernandes would soon leave the band and be replaced by Paul Caruso formerly of Sass. After a long layoff and writing new material,The Atlantics rebounded nicely with the smash hit "Lonely Hearts"The Atlantics also had many more great songs such as Wrong Number..Pop Shivers and Weekend but were never able to break out nationally. After finally calling it quits in 1983,Bruce Wilkinson went on to front Ball & Pivot with Caruso on drums and Hauck on guitar,while singer Bobby Marron formed a new band Cut 299 before retiring permenently from music. In 2000 shocking news came that Bruce Wilkinson had passed away. For friends and family and the surviving members of the band, the loss of Bruce is absolutely incaluable. Then in May of 2006 drummer Paul Caruso died unexpectedly. They are both sorely missed. Which brings us to today..The Atlantics STILL retain their status as one of the best bands ever in Boston rock history and have released ATLANTICS, a collection of songs that most of which have never been available till now. The band also released ATLANTICS LIVE..from a live broadcast originally aired on WCOZ radio. Both CDs are available at ATLANTICS and at ATLANTICS LIVE! This my space page is dedicated to the memories of Bruce Wilkinson and Paul Caruso