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We're Back

Hi All: It's been quite a while but The Sol Witness is finally back in performance ready form. Kelly's arm is doing a whole lot better than it was. Thankfully, well enough for him to play with the band again. The past couple of weeks have been great playing together. We will be playing at East Texas Choppers on May 8th, from 8:00p.m. to 1:00a.m. Please come by and join us. We're gonna have a good time. Let your Sol Shine on! The Sol Witness

Happy Valentines

Hi All: Just a quick note to everyone...Happy Valentines Day! Also, here is a little band update. Kelly Scroggins our drummer has had a little mishap on the slopes. About a week and a half ago, his ski caught something in the snow. He fell hard on his left shoulder and broke the humerus bone. Good news is he will be alright in about 2 months. His healing is progressing very well and we are so glad for that:) Meantime, while Kelly is healing the rest of us will be working on a couple things in the studio. Before the accident we did manage to get into the studio to record a new song, but we are not totally pleased with the results and so we will continue to tweak that song. FYI: The Dallas/Ft. Worth area broke a record for the most snow fall ever in this area. In some places over a foot of snow over the 24 hour period!!! Anyways, have a great weekend everyone. The Sol Witness

01/31/10 Entry

Hi All: Let's all give ourselves a little mental adjustment and prepare for a great week to come. Lauri Bach will be supporting our friends in Revival this Wednesday night at Zander's House, 7pm to 10pm. You can come on out too. Revival is a great band, specializing in rock, funk and blues. Zander's House is located at 2300 North Central Expressway, Plano, TX 75074. Also, this week The Sol Witness will support Bob Fisk's open mic jam at Rocky's on Thursday night. Rocky's is located at 215 N. Central Expressway, Richardson, TX, 8pm until 12pm. Here is an inspirational quote for the week: "Gratitude preserves old friendships, and procures new.” I don't know who said it first but it wasn't me. Now go out and have a great week! Let your Sol Shine On! The Sol Witness

01/24/10 - Getting Started

Hi Everyone: We only have a small entry to share this week. The band went back into the studio on Saturday. We are working on some original music. We had a long night but it's coming along. Our thanks goes out to Chuck for being so professional and all of his hard work. We look forward to our journey together. Let Your Sol Shine On! The Sol Witness

Son's of Herman Hall

I also want to mention that The Sol Witness donated a T-shirt and a couple of our new EPs to one of the nations oldest faternal benefit societies, The Son's of Herman Hall. The donation was made in support of the all unpaid member volunteers who staff the hall. The Hall itself is a Texas Historic Landmark.

Let's Begin 2010

Hi Everyone: Well, here we are in a new year. The Sol Witness is getting off to a bit of a slow start, coming back from the holidays and the extremely cold weather we've had in Dallas! We had our first rehearsal for the year last night and celebrated our one year anniversary together with a toast. We are very thankful to still be together and proud of our accomplishments over the year. After a 6 month start-up period, we managed to build a great song list of approximately 80 songs, both covers and originals;we spent much time in the studio recording our songs for our first EP; each month resulted in increased bookings and more fans along the way. We are converting witnesses one person at a time. All of our efforts and hard work paid off at the end of the year when we ordered production for our EP, THE SOL WITNESS. It is a collection of 5 songs that we are positive you will enjoy. We hope you all stay tuned for this year. We have a lot of new things planned, not only will we continue to hone our musical style, we are already scheduled to be in the studio to record more music, but we already have a couple of new songs being written. If you are interested in purchasing our merchandise, guitar picks, T-shirts, stickers or EPs, you may email us at infomsg@thesolwitness.com. We will continue to keep you all informed on our schedule and hope you have a Happy New Year! Let Your Sol Shine On! The Sol Witness

My Gratitude

Hi Everyone: Since this is my very first message into the Blog world and Mother's Day should be a lucky day to start something new, I wanted to begin by giving thanks to the people in my life who have helped me to grow as a musician. So here I go: To Guy for his constant help and support and for enduring the endless playing of the same songs over and over. To Mom & Dad for my love of music and the many family sing-a-longs when I was growing up. To the folks of Dixon Chix / Music Rats for opening the door 4 years ago by asking me to join them in a song. Thanks to Carl Pearce (guitar), Bryan Sing (vocals, guitar & bass), Jim Brunelle (drums), Lissa Cooke (keyboards) and Wade White (bass) for your friendship, laughter and good music. I have really enjoyed exploring the many music genres we have played together. To Skeeter Harrison for running the open mic at the Yucatan. Your heart felt guitar playing is just awesome in my book. You allowed me to start to feel free enough to hear the music and make it my own. I'm not always successful but it's still good trying. Thank you too, to his other band mates of Revival. What a band! www.revivaltheband.com To Kenny "Big Head" Chavez for running the open mic at the Hole in the Wall and for hiring the Music Rats at the now defunked Jeramies. Every week you can be counted on to give everyone a chance to be on stage for some music action. You attract the energy you put out there. Keep up the good work. www.myspace.com/bigheadsbands To my fellow musicians of The Sol Witness. I so love the experience I am having with you guys. Each one of you are uniquely talented and every week is new and exciting. I can't wait to hear what comes next. Now that my first blog is done, I'm going to try to post something at least once a month. However, if I mess up, oh well there's always next month. Remember to tell the people you love that they are important to you. Today is Mother's Day. It's a good place to start. Thanks everyone. Lauri Larrell